Link love when #2 is out of town and away from the internet

Should have linked to this one last week:  A story of age discrimination and the problems of the older worker by your fab life.  I hope I’m financially independent by the time I hit 50.

Grr.  I hope Wisconsin takes out these hypocritical jerks.  I too would love to be making $82K/year with zero degrees and zero work experience and two drunk driving convictions, all because my family made political campaign contributions.  No, scratch that, I think I’d rather have morals and ethics and stuff.  Sadly I’m an evil professor sucking at the teat of state government and should not be allowed even collective bargaining rights.

Babies asleep at conferences?  Get used to it!  From Female Science Prof.

We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance.

This is SO AWESOME.  Stephen Colbert singing Friday on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

Small Steps for Big Change… has been asked to be chair of her department, without tenure.  Now they’re reneging on the salary they promised and they’re giving someone who isn’t chair the same additional salary.  Should she renegotiate?  And how?

Check out Becca’s comment #10 on this response to one of our deliberately controversial posts from Isis the Scientist.  (Because it is AWESOME.  Very thoughtful and just right on.)

Sorry this post is shorter than usual this Saturday.  As the title says, #2 is away from the internet and #1 had all her time eaten by work this week.  I have done surprisingly little web-surfing, which you would think would lead to tons of productivity.  But no, all I did was spend the week putting out stupid fires that never should have existed.  Also, all my computers broke.

Monthly challenge update:

As you know from the Monthly Challenges page, I am working on the boring yet important habit of flossing.  So far this week I have done it three times, and my goal is four.  As long as I floss before bed tonight, I will have met my goal!  Hooray!

As we are short on links this week, does anyone want to add some cool ones in the comments?  What awesome things have you found on the intartubes that need sharing?


9 Responses to “Link love when #2 is out of town and away from the internet”

  1. Niki Says:

    Scott Walker makes my skin crawl.

    Steven Colbert is fun, fun, fun!

  2. Linda Says:

    Living just south of the border from (what is now) the wacky state of Wisconsin, we’ve been pulled into that mess of state government. Walker’s agenda sucks. That pretty much sums up my thoughts.

    I was glad to hear that family planning services weren’t totally gutted this AM during the budget negotiations. That was decent news to wake up to.

    Here’s a link to something that had me laughing out loud last night:

    Now I’m off to help women successfully navigate the gauntlet outside the local family planning clinic. It’s tiring, but I think it’s worth my volunteer time.

  3. Tara Says:

    The post about older workers was really sad. I felt for the older workers, as well as for the younger workers. I hope I am financially independent by 50 too.

    I work in software and you don’t see all that many older workers, though perhaps that is because my company is downtown. One of my old coworkers who was the oldest on his team at about 28 moved to another company with an office in the suburbs and now he is the youngest by at least 10 years on his new team.

  4. MutantSupermodel Says:

    That Colbert Fallon Roots Hicks collab is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time. I LOVE IT. OMG it’s stuck in my head. Must watch a million times over.

  5. Sandy H Says:

    I hate flossing too! And I can never decide what order I should do things in- floss, brush teeth, mouthwash. Does anyone have the right answer?

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