Bloggy bits and pretty pieces

  • Someone in MA tried to organize a Sock Hunting party and left the wrong number for at least 4 people.  My number.  I don’t even know what sock hunting is.  Sockeye fishing I could understand.  Otherwise sock hunting is what I do in the morning sometimes when we haven’t folded the laundry yet.  We’re not on East Coast time so my “wrong numbers” were a bit testy this morning.
  • We’re trying to get DC to stop saying, “I KNOW THAT” as a response to pretty much everything.  Right now we’re trying to get hir to replace it with, “Yes” or “That’s right.”  I almost wish we could go back to plain old, “Why?” (Update:  Maybe I should take that back about the “Why”… how can a preschooler get me into a deep philosophical discussion with just that one word?)
  • My state tax refund is $666.  I knew this place was evil.
  • DC:  Molecules are like the government.  Me:  How are molecules like the government?  DC:  Molecules make everything.  Me:  Yes.  DC:  Molecules make roads.  And the government makes roads. Me:  I never thought of it that way.  I suppose you’re right.
  • I became a professor so I wouldn’t have to wear make-up!  Having to wear make-up reminds me of why I became a professor.  My eyes are burning and my face itches.  #2 thinks #1 needs to wear higher-quality makeup next time, the hypoallergenic kind.  #1 says, at how much it cost I sure hope it was high quality.  But chemicals and I don’t get along… remember that I can only use 3 kinds of soap (Dove, Purpose, and some other kind) #2 says, you still got the wrong kind.  Remember I have the word’s most sensitive skin, too.
  • Just a quick first try at making an online photo collage about books.  click here for lovely
  • I WANT THIS MIRROR IN MY DREAM HOUSE:   na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

26 Responses to “Bloggy bits and pretty pieces”

  1. Linda Says:

    I hate make-up, too. A bit of lipstick (or better yet, colored Burt’s Bees lip balm) is OK with me, but foundation, powder, and mascara feel icky and awful on my face on matter what brand I’ve tried. So I don’t wear it. And I work in a corporate job and have advanced pretty well without it. :-)

    Occasionally when the subject comes up in general conversation I’ll hear something along the lines of “With skin like yours, you don’t need makeup.” And I always say the same thing: “I have skin like this because I don’t wear makeup.” (And I drink a lot of water, too.)

    Down with makeup!

  2. Little House Says:

    Sock hunting? I’d agree with you and say that means searching for the matching sock in the morning. ;)

  3. Foscavista Says:

    You want a mirror with the Batman logo?

  4. everyday tips Says:

    I have not heard of sock hunting either!

    I am super sensitive to skin products too. I can only use Dove sensitive skin and unscented, and for my face I have to use unscented Neutrogena face soap.

    Eye Makeup and I don’t get along either. Part of my problem might be this dumb cyst I have in my eyelashes, but I can’t just buy cheap makeup. Same applies to jewelry. I have to spend a ton on earrings or I get a rash and my ears burn. To think I used to buy 10 pairs of earrings poked into a card for like 4.99 as a teenager!

  5. Tara Says:

    I refuse to wear foundation or blush. After having the laser eye surgery, I allowed myself to be convinced into wearing eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. I think it makes me look closer to my age, but I could just be imagining that…

    I mostly wear make-up in an attempt to look older. People still seem to assume I look 16. My age may increment linearly, but the assumed number stays stuck at 16.

  6. MutantSupermodel Says:

    *sigh* and now I’m addicted to Must Have Cute

  7. First Gen American Says:

    My kid does that too, except it’s “I knew that” It’s annoying but I haven’t found a better phrase yet.

    I use dove for face soap. Cover girl works fine on my face, but I have yet to find something decent eye makeup that doesn’t make my eyes water.

  8. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    We’re trying to get DC to stop saying, “I KNOW THAT” as a response to pretty much everything.

    I say leave the f**ken kid alone. Overbearing parenting is much worse than letting kids play around with things and figure it out. You really think if you don’t “try to get DC to stop” that she never will, and will spend the rest of her entire life saying “I KNOW THAT” in response to everything?

    As far as sensitive skin, I had weird recurring inexplicable itchy rashes on my torso, and my dermatologist turned me on to Aveeno body washes, with colloidal oatmeal (whatever the f**ke that is). Now I swear by the stuff!

  9. bogart Says:

    My DC’s back at “why?” I’ll trade you!

    Googling sock hunting, or sock-hunting, does not clarify matters, as you may already know.

  10. SS4BC Says:

    Lol I also like that as a professor im not expected to wear make up. I consider it a perk of the job :)

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