Link love

Fantastic post from mama phd on insidehighered, Dear God what about the men. 

The always fraught issue of housework, with comments showing various deals people have worked out.  From Offbeat Home.  Related:  wandering scientist discusses the concept of buying time.  We are huge fans of the concept.

There were some serious fights this week among academics about adjuncting and what that all means.  Despite our post On Definitions coming out the same day as the original from Tenured Radical (which conflated part-time adjuncting with visiting professor positions), we opted to stay out of that fray (we like to keep our drama levels at a certain height and had already met our allotment for the week).  We did enjoy reassigned time’s contemplation about why all the discussion on her blog is polite.  I think we will fail to link to all the related posts whether vitriolic or not.  Well, except this one from Spanish prof trying to get some blog comments.  Head over there and say hi.

Historiann had a series on the US education system that are well worth reading.  Here’s one of the posts.

Grace is writing a new budget.  Give her some encouragement!

The Simple Dog “is definitely not the type of animal that would thrive in the wild.”  I still don’t understand why people have dogs, but this is, as always, hilarious.  New from hyperbole and a half!

Should have linked to this one last week from First Gen American.  On obesity among other things.  Also think happy thoughts for Babci’s upcoming surgery.

Wow… nightmare students and their moms from fumbling through chaos.  I can’t wait for part II!

Floss update:

11 Responses to “Link love”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    Thanks for the shout out and the happy Babci thoughts.

  2. Linda Says:

    That post by Hyperbole and a Half had me laughing almost hard enough to snort this morning! Dogs…yeah, they are goofy, but somehow I can relate to them better than cats.

  3. Lady E Says:

    What about the floss update?!? I need one!

  4. Spanish Prof Says:

    Just wanted to say hi!!! And thanks for the link!

  5. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    The Fumbling Through Chaos “double trouble” dealio actually has me troubled about the blogger’s attitude.

    What was the point of even bothering to respond or otherwise react to the student’s mother’s phone call or e-mail? The students were accorded due process and were suspended: end of story.

    It sounds to me like that blogger has unhealthy tendencies to (1) personalize the absurd antics of students and (2) eagerly fight with people over nonsense. Those tendencies are only going to cause her trouble going forward in academia.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      The one time I had a parent attempt to contact me, I did not answer the email and instead talked with honors counsel, legal, and my chair (who dealt with it through the associate dean’s office after said parent contacted him via telephone). I still enjoy reading about absurd student antics so long as they’re not students I have to deal with!

      Though the blogger did work in conjunction with the dean’s office. So who knows what the details were.

  6. Rumpus Says:

    I think it’s important to work things out with your roommates early on. Cleaning is important because it can lead to arguing and that’s no good. Cleaning and issues with significant others spending the night would lead my guess-list for causing uncomfortable situations in college….and probably excessive drinking or drugs. Personally, if my significant other was unhappy about the cleanliness of the house and I felt I was already at my limit of doing house cleaning, I would agree with Cloud at Wandering Scientist and hire a cleaning service.

  7. becca Says:

    Wow, I feel like a baby unicorn after reading Historiann!

  8. Donna Freedman Says:

    Tell me that you’ll post a link to Part II, in case I forget to go look for it….I loves me a cliffhanger. And there ain’t no schadenfreude like scholarly schadenfreude.

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