Care bear stare!

Ok, so if you were a care bear, what would come out of your belly during care-bear stare time?

We’ve already determined that CPP will squirt out rainbows of sweet Jameson.

#1 will send out showers of books.  Those hard corners will be perfect for defeating villains.

#2 will shoot out threads of gooey cheeses.  Goop the villains up so that #1 can bludgeon them senseless.

(around :58… it’s easier to handle with the sound off)

How about you?

17 Responses to “Care bear stare!”

  1. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    I know what care-bears are, but what the f*cken f*cke is “care-bear stare time”?

  2. First Gen American Says:

    Hopefully a series of witty and sarcastic commentary followed by some really good home cooked meals. The villian would have to stop and eat and decide I was better friend than foe.

    I’m not sure what a care bear stare is, but we’ll see how much I got from the context of your note.

  3. Clio Bluestocking Says:

    Holy cow, that is disturbing! (And disgusting — or do I just have a dirty mind.)

  4. becca Says:

    Snarky blog comments. Obviously.

  5. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Stilettos. For sure.

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