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This week has talked a lot about the challenges of single parents, especially when one spouse isn’t doing his or her fair share to support the family.

The happiest mom starts her personal finance jag with a recollection of her single mother trying to make ends meet.

Mutant super model contemplates the fact that her ex-husband is not the perfect parent.  Both the post and the comments are very powerful.

Somehow I doubt Maria Shriver will be facing the economic issues, though perhaps the other challenges.

Undine asks, “What kind of of scientist are you, anyway?

Gratuitous fuzzy puppet with beautiful woman action!!!

It’s probably too late now, but we totally stole, from another blog, this FAQ for students on how the rapture will affect their final exams.

This tragedy, as illustrated by Sheldon comics, totally happened to #2 this week.

Also, this penny-arcade comic totally describes #2.

I kind of want one of these shirts but not enough to actually donate.

Also stole this hilarious website link from another blog.  Damn you auto correct.

I think that’s all the links we’ve shared with each other this week.  Maybe #2 will add more while I slumber.  Maybe not!

Sidenote:  Putting together my tenure packet I feel alternately like I’m totally awesome and totally a fraud.  I need more Georgette Heyer!

10 Responses to “link love”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    Re Comic: For our honeymoon we stayed at some coffee plantations in Africa. Best coffee of my life back when I still could drink it. I distinctly remember talking with my new husband about the process. Like…wow, they go through a lot of steps before it’s even drinkable as a beverage. I wonder how many things they tried that didn’t work. It really is amazing at how such a harsh beverage became a drink of choice around the world.

  2. Linda Says:

    While a bit of cream is an occasional treat, I drink my coffee black every day.

    Coffee “language” and how it varies from place to place is pretty interesting. While living in Toronto back in my young days I stopped into a Tim Horton’s for coffee with a friend shortly after I had moved there. I was asked if I wanted my coffee “regular.” I had no idea what that meant, just guessed it meant black, and said “Yes.” No, it did not. “Regular” meant lots of cream and lots of sugar. There was no way I could drink it.

    On a more recent trip to Toronto at a Second Cup cafe I noticed that they had either whole milk, 2% milk, or heavy cream as options, but no half and half. Here in the U.S. I think most people expect half and half when they ask for cream in their coffee.

    In Spain coffee always meant espresso and it came either as a cafe con leche (lots of milk in a larger cup) or a cortado (less milk in a small cup). If I wanted a black coffee I had to ask for cafe solo, and go through many assurances that, yes, I did want coffee “sin (without) leche.”

  3. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    Have you had a little chat with your chair to suggest to her a few names for tenure letters that you *won’t* be putting on your own list of suggested names?

  4. hush Says:

    Loved MutantSupermodel’s post – I agree with you that both it, and the comments, are very powerful – and evoke a lot of emotions.

    Maria Schriver is apparently living in a hotel right now, probably trying her best to resist the urge to terminate the ex-Governator. That was some shocking news – not the news itself about his son, but the fact that the story didn’t break until now. This is supposed to be the Wikileaks era where big name politicians’ dirty secrets are aired immediately, not 14 years after the fact. That’s the most surprising thing of all.

  5. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Aw thanks for the awesome link love ladies :) I’m going to read all the others now ^_^

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