For the Love of Our Links

Find out some science about delicious delicious cheese:

Now I’m all hungry.

We here at Grumpy Rumblings continue to love Tenured Radical. Here she talks about whether girls rule the world (or whether, as we insist, we should keep on blaming the patriarchy).

Historiann talks about how even among the insane, actions from insanity are gendered.

The internets this week talked about mothers and work, and working mothers, and stuff.  Cloud has a synopsis of some of the good ones this week.  Also:  We don’t want to hear about your personal life on your cv.  As long as you weren’t in jail, we don’t care why you left the labor force.  We just care about the experience you have that is related to the job at hand.  Sure, mention in your cover letter that the gap was for family reasons or a business start-up unrelated to the work at hand, but please don’t go into detail.  We don’t care.  No more than part of a sentence, please, unless you have something to say that helps your case for our position.  Choices = consequences.   #2:  We already said this!  #1:  We did?  We said things related in that one post, but apparently readers of FSP didn’t get the memo.

This beautifully poignant post from Mutant Super Model made at least one of us  cry.   MSM should submit this to O magazine!

Never try to take First Gen American’s Babci in an alley.  She’s got a shiv. 

We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance.  Hosted by my personal finance journey.

I am strangely entranced with these short fictions about how China Miéville wins at life…

16 Responses to “For the Love of Our Links”

  1. becca Says:

    And if you were in jail, would you really put that on a cv? Excepting crimes related to the job (e.g. embezzling for a banking position), why would you care then either?

    Sorry, but just because our society sanctions and even endorses discrimination against former criminals does not mean it’s morally correct.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Point taken. But I also don’t want to hire a rapist or a pedophile or someone locked up for hate crimes against homosexuals etc. HR actually deals with felonies.

  2. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    CHEESE!!!!!!!!! F*CKE YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. First Gen American Says:

    I love everything about cheese.

    Interesting take on the CV. I always wondered if people explained away gaps in the resume itself.

  4. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Cheeeese glorious cheese!

  5. bardiac Says:

    mmmm, cheese. mmmm.

    I love fresh cheese curds!

  6. Foscavista Says:

    Have you ever seen the documentary “The Cheese Nun”? It’s about a nun who had to go to college so that her convent could legally sell cheese. She then pursued a PhD in microbiology and received a Fulbright (or some travel scholarship) to go to France and study the bacteria involved in cheese making. You can even read her dissertation on ProQuest.

  7. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Thank you ladies. I’ll try and not let the world know how sweet you are.

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