It’s a Link new day

We were an editor’s pick this week in the Carnival of Personal Finance!

In this video, Elmo starts an interview with Ricky Gervais on the set of Sesame Street… and the director loses all control of the situation:

actually this is kind of an awesome idea; no forced breeding in animals and we should respect animals and not have puppy mills and not force women to breed either.  that was incoherent but you know what I mean

analysing the media is always so depressing, so I let other people do it for me. Thanks, Gayprof.

Historiann has been on fire.  Check out this one on privileged folks not realizing their privilege (or rather, check out this whiny-ass letter from a mediocre student with rich parents who got into a high quality school and begrudges poor students with similar scores their admission).  But also check out the rest of the week’s posts.

You must read this hilarious crazy ass movie review from academic cog.

An interesting article on drag queen power.  I see parallels with arguments about high powered professional women.

Speaking of which, wandering scientist continues that conversation (working women, not drag queens).  Join in!

Thought provoking post on gender and alternative medicine, possibly also hysteria, by Spanish Prof.

Quick challenge update:  I am doing ok at eating fruits and veggies, though I could use more protein.  The one thing I really need to work on is drinking more liquid, especially water.  And, oops, I guess my refrigerator (ancient, inefficient, belongs to the rental) was set too high, because I seem to have accidentally frozen the beets on the bottom shelf.  Hm.

Anybody got any good ways to use up TONS of mint?  There are only so many mojitos I can drink in one day.  Grazie.

18 Responses to “It’s a Link new day”

  1. Historiann Says:

    Roasted beets with mint? Heat oven in 425 degrees, toss diced beets with 2T olive oil and a generous portion of salt and pepper, put in a roasting pan and roast for 20 min. or so stirring and shaking the pan once, then garnish with fresh chopped mint.

    • Historiann Says:

      Mint is also used in cucumber and mint-infused gin and tonics, for which you can find a recipe on my blog. Nigella Lawson has a dead-easy summer recipe that involves grilling eggplant slices that one then dresses with lemon, feta cheese, and mint. I think I heard it on NPR last year, but you can pretty much figure out that the rest of recipe is probably just salt, pepper, and olive oil.

  2. Linda Says:

    I usually like reading the links you post, but that post by Gayprof seemed to reinforce the stereotype that progressive, liberal, educated people have no sense of humor. I can’t agree at all with the “messages” Gayprof got out of Bridesmaids. I saw the movie and could say it exposed the choices many of those women made in a funny way, but didn’t make them seem like what they were “supposed to do.”

    Annie was miserable because she made several bad choices, many that involved men. Her bakery went under partly because her partner/boyfriend screwed her over. And her relationship with Hamm was a bad choice because it made her feel bad, not because she “was a woman and had to choose monogamy.” All of these glimpses into her past help us understand the present of the character and why she was competing so hard for the only fulfilling relationship she had at the time: that with her friend who was getting married and moving away from her. By the end of the movie, the character is on the way to changing herself: she has decided to not run away from what looks like what could be a healthy relationship with a guy, she has affirmed her girlfriend’s love and affection for her, and she has found a way to make peace (and possibly a new friend?) with the woman she spent so much time in competition with.

    And women *are* competitive with each other; it happens all the time and has been well documented in ethnographic studies of non-Western cultures, too. That’s not to say that women are competitive in the same way as men and that they don’t show more cooperation with each other than men do. It still happens all the time, though.

  3. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    I didn’t get the humor of that elmo video at all. I couldn’t understand a single word either of them were saying.

  4. Spanish Prof Says:

    Thanks for the link. Cloud left an amazing response. My husband read it, and he said: “Wow, that sounds just like me”. It was really helpful, I’ll thank her in my own post in a few hours, when the caffeine kicks in.

  5. bogart Says:

    Sorry, I’m behind in my reading, but I quite enjoyed this recipe when I made it last summer. Full disclosure: I used rosemary rather than mint as it was what I had fresh and handy, but I’d guess it’s also good with the mint. It doesn’t use tons, but you could probably double the quantity recommended and still have a good salad.

    I’ve also mixed this recipe in with roasted potatoes served cold, to good effect (just blend the two).

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