These are the links that bind

We were discussing the glorious fact that Heartless will be coming out soon is out now!, and were wondering if Gail Carriger will ever run out of -less words (#2 Of course she won’t!). Her next one will be Timeless.

#2 suggested Headless after that, but it looks like she has already beaten us to it in this lovely discussion on something we’d already noticed and griped about: headless ladies on book covers. (Even poor Tiffany Aching!).

poor headless Tiffany

Anyhow, I think it would be awesome if she named one of them Headless and had a woman on the cover, cut off at the neck as is the mode, carrying her head a la the headless horseman or Canterbury ghost. Very tongue and cheek, with said tongue and cheek naturally no longer attached to the body. It would make me giggle.

Giant metal chickens are hilarious. (Note to my partner: NOT at our house!)  (#2 thought:  She would have been so much better off just buying the damn towels.  But I guess that would have been less interesting to write about.) From the blogess.

Let’s not forget our own work limits.  From wandering scientist.

A well-reasoned response to a young lady caught up in a world that eschews reason. From pharyngula.

Octopus vs. Shark. 

If he’s being a douche, YES dump him.  And NOW.  From IBTP.

First Gen talks about how effort and planning can contribute to happiness.

Otherwise, the blogosphere has been vewwy qwiet this week.  Perhaps they are hunting wabbits.

We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance.

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