July Challenge Updates

June was CSA month.  Eat less junk, more veggies.  I did ok on this.  For part of the month I ate less of everything because it was too hot to eat.  Mojitos helped with that.  (#2 has also been mojitoing it up, though from the infinite stores of backyard mint, not a CSA.)  I resisted buying ice cream, instead eating down my reserves of other sweet things so I don’t have to move them.  I also ate sandwiches with plenty of protein.  I still need to drink more water, though.

I did do ok on the cooking part, though it is still a work in progress.

I made a pesto thing.  It had:  2 kinds of basil, mint, some frozen peas that I thawed, salt and pepper, lemon juice, olive oil, almonds, walnuts, chives (including a flower), a garlic ramp, and regular garlic.  I think that’s it, unless I forgot something.  Later I stirred some grated parmesan and romano cheeses into it.  It’s pretty good.  I put some in the freezer and another big blob of it in the frig to go on pasta.  I also got eggs to make a frittata or omelette thingy out of all the greens I’ve gotten from the CSA.  And I’m firing up the mojito machine for the rest of the mint (note: not an actual machine).  Turnips are over, scallions are in.  Nom nom nom.  I also made some salads and a whole huge bunch of pasta things with greens and whatnot.  Some had chicken, too.

Greens I like: lettuces (mostly), spinach, basil.  Greens I am sick of: weird bitter greens like kale and mustard greens and chard (#2 AGREES, though she does think kale and chard are some of the better greens, which isn’t saying much); fennel.  Things that are awesome to get: all kinds of Allium species (Nom nom nom), sage, cilantro, basil, snow peas, some kinds of lettuce.  I look forward to other totes awesome things as the summer goes on (such as cucumbers!  possibly eggplant!  I could do with some carrots too).  Things I could take or leave: turnips, sugar snap peas.  (#2 misses her CSA which has been canceled until Fall because of Weather.  #2 would also love those sugar snap peas.  They make a good snack raw at the office, though not quite as good as snow peas.  Chomp chomp chomp.)

July is write every day without fail month.  Blogging does not count.  Fortunately (?), I have a nice big pile of things to do.  Hmm.  Did I mention I’m also moving?

#2 will be spending much of July traveling.  Zoom!

13 Responses to “July Challenge Updates”

  1. Linda Says:

    You’re making me remember this fabulous dish I made once with fresh peas, baby turnips, butter, and lemon peel over pasta. OMG delicious. I happened to have picked up the turnips and peas at the farmers market and hadn’t thought of combining them, but a Google search for a turnip recipe turned it up.

    Since I have tons of rum sitting around (why? I don’t know. People gave it to me, I think.) and the mint I planted earlier is doing very well I should look up how to make mojitos, too.

  2. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    I’m having trouble feeling the frozen peas in your “pesto”.

    We made pizza last night:


  3. First Gen American Says:

    I heart food. Currants are coming ripe right now and we’re picking a pint of raspberries a day right now. I love this time of year, the food is so delicious. My local egg lady I found has delicious eggs. Life is good, especially this time of year when we’re more active and I don’t feel as guilty with my food consumption. I still manage to drop weight despite eating lots.

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