It’s raining LINKS

Happy blogiversary, First Gen American!

CONGRATULATIONS Budgeting in the Fun Stuff!

A really thoughtful and nifty post from Reassigned Time.  In my field we are never raw, but I can see how that would be a good thing in more creative fields.

An interesting post on single finances by year of shopping detox.

Another fantastic post on the whole men with tiny penises who are bad in bed taking out their insecurities about their inability to get laid… sorry, I mean another post on the sexism and feminism in the atheism/skeptic community.  To paraphrase and quote: We’re trying to help you get laid… When you refuse to listen, “I have to assume that your purported desire to get laid is a smokescreen — although quite probably an unconscious one — for your desire to not understand how sexism and male privilege work.”  and “You want to know how to not have huge Internet blowups every time women in the atheist movement complain about sexism? LISTEN TO WHAT THE WOMEN ARE SAYING. ”

Cuts to planned parenthood and a guide for how to save money on birth control from the blog that ate Manhattan.

Stumbled across In Mint Condition this morning.  It’s one of those fun blogs where someone has seen the PF light and is working hard to pay off debt.  She’s also got a fantastic sense of humor and some good ideas.  Today’s post also has the cutest owl pic I’ve seen in a while, even as a regular reader of hungover owls.  But for links, this one from June is a really great idea for reminding yourself why (and how) not to shop online when you’re in over your head!

We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance. 

Hm… apparently that was only a gentle sprinkle of links.  We must have been busy this week!  I understand that there may have been some quality-partner time this week keeping one of us away from the internets…

10 Responses to “It’s raining LINKS”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    Hurray for cohabitation!! Do I dare go over and read the tiny penis post?

  2. Margaret Polaneczky Says:

    Thanks for the link – great blog you have here. Adding to my blogroll…


  3. Annabelle Says:

    Thanks for the link love! Some other great posts here that I need to read, too!

  4. Rumpus Says:

    I’d ask my cat to type in passwords like In Mint Condition, but then I’d have to put myself in a feline state of mind to figure out the password later…that would probably result in me napping for the rest of the day in whatever location would be most intrusive for the people around me…and of course licking myself just to be completely in the way.

  5. MutantSupermodel Says:

    I likes the Mint Condition idea. Cats, yay. I haven’t seen you guys in a few days. I wondered if I made you mad… But at least you’re still posting so things are mostly well with the universe.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      No, just talking about politics makes our blood boil, which is bad for our overall health, so we don’t tend to comment on politics articles. (Also, one of us is moving and the other one is doing all the house/childcare stuff because her husband is at a conference. Also dealing with harddrive failure, doctors appointments, back to school shopping, and a plethora of other things that need to get done before conferences.)

  6. Crystal Says:

    Thanks for the congrats!!! So far, I am loving the self-employed life. :-)

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