•  Fruitflies are driving me nuts.  Note to self:  Do NOT put fruit in your trashcan.
  • DC has gotten to the age where the most bizarre things freak hir out.  Yesterday ze ran into the dining room sobbing and shaking in the middle of a Madeline episode, because Madeline had gotten placed in a box for a life-size doll.  Yet, truly scary things (like in Mary Poppins, the Wizard of Oz, or a violent computer game, or say, I dunno, almost drowning during a swimming lesson) don’t seem to bother hir one whit.
  • Branch library #1 owned zero books on evolution in the children’s section.  Branch library #2, all the books on evolution in the children’s section were checked out.  That’s all the branch libraries.
  • Oddly, I feel a sense of loss that Gmail is no longer offering stickers, even though I did not know they ever offered stickers until today, after they, you know, stopped offering them.
  • Apparently if you’re really nice as a 5-7 year old Japanese animated boy, you are set for life in terms of attractive love interests.  They will fall in love with you and hold a torch for you for the next 10 or so years at least, even if you completely forget them.  Hm, it sounds a bit creepy stalkerish when put that way.
  • We have decided that high school students with no experience don’t do a very good job teaching swimming.  This webpage is awesome.  We’re making progress now on the weekend at the HOA pool, even if an entire summer of lessons has not taught hir how to be safer in the water.  Yay internet.  [Update:  college students with lots of experience do a good job teaching swimming.  Yay floating.]
  • It is embarrassing not having someone to put down as emergency contact.  We had people to replace the folks who graduated and moved, but then they graduated and moved.  Now that I’m older, surely I can be friends with folks more likely to stick around…
  • My external harddrive is sad.  Must remember to back-up frequently.  Perhaps daily now.  [Update:  external harddrive is dead.]
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21 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Spanish Prof Says:

    Love you guys! Keep it up!

  2. Linda Says:

    I’ve been putting most of my docs, photos, etc. in the cloud via Google tools. I know that’s not entirely safe either, but I’m not sure if anything is.

    This such a change from yesterday. How many people did you piss off? I think some folks are a bit too sensitive and failed to see that you were only citing another blog post as an example and not picking on one person.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Google is sure better than nothing! It’s a great tool for most everyday uses. (No we don’t work for them.)

      We agree with you, but we did note that it was bound to cause debate. Oops and oh well. It’s only the internet!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Two… Three if you count becca, but she’s always pissed off about something. We’re off some blogrolls too. We do admire Crystal and were surprised by the reaction. Because she is doing fine now. Would she have spent her 20s happier if she’d graduated with the same major in 2 years or had more time to explore other things… we can’t say. She probably wouldn’t have met her husband which would have been sad (but if she’d been working that job part-time she still would have). But we still do NOT recommend working full-time and attending school full-time. Very few people can do it, and it is definitely not worth it for a minimum wage job, not unless you expect to be getting minimum wage after. Part-time sure, 60 hrs/week. Not worth it. Graduating with no debt is not the end-all and be all and there’s a reason we have scholarships and low interest loans. We believe there is real value to an education. Not just in the piece of paper.

      I wonder if the real problem was with Sunday’s post. Monday’s wasn’t supposed to really be the judgmental one… the one we had set to post Tuesday was. That’s been moved back.

  3. Zee Says:

    If you microwave fruit/produce very briefly (15-45 sec) it will kill all the fruit fly eggs and you can put it in the trash no problem :) We used to do this for the fruit/veggie matter we would use for compost.

  4. Practical Parsimony Says:

    If you get rid of the fruit in the trash, fruitflies will remain to drive you nuts. They will find something else, I promise. My solution–vacuum cleaner. I tap whatever is attracting the fruitflies and such them out of the air. It will take a little while to find them all and for them to stop hatching, but if you can suck them out of the air, you will gain a little reprieve from swarms. As for compost, I keep a Folger’s coffee can for produce. I poked four holes in the top with an icepick. This keeps a gross anaerobic growth suppressed. Plus, the fruit flies cannot get through the minuscule holes. More fruit flies cannot grow from the vacuum because the swift air dessicates their tiny bodies! Yay vacuum!

  5. Practical Parsimony Says:

    Yes, my vacuum lived in the kitchen for about a week.

  6. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Yesterday in the comments you PROMISED an earth-shattering post of judgment and controversy. And you gave me FRUIT FLIES. =P

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yeah, well. It turns out that some or all of us are out of town with limited time to approve comments, so we shifted a bunch of posts around… don’t worry, we have PLENTY more to argue about coming up soon!

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        suuuure, *that’s* why we shifted posts around
        Really, yesterday’s post was only supposed to be debatable, but ended up deliberately controversial, so the person not traveling needed a break. (The person traveling was going to let her partner in crime deal with all the controversy.)

  7. Sandy H @ Journey To Our Home Says:

    I’m nervous about enrolling our kids in swimming lessons. I’m sure I need to, but our boy hates water, the girl is a fish. I really want to check out the place and find out about the teachers- because like you said high schoolers don’t make good swim instructors!

  8. Molly On Money Says:

    Grrrrrrrrr……………………………..when did the most important thing in my life circle around backing up stuff.

  9. Debbie M Says:

    There’s only one way I can float on my back and have my nose and mouth out of the water so I can breathe. I have to have my arms overhead, but I also have to bend my knees and I also have to take a very deep breath. While taking a breath, I start to sink, but not so fast that I don’t have time to take the breath.

    Fortunately I was never afraid of the water. And in return for not being able to float well (I can totally float in an upright position with the water at eyebrow level), I have the ability to lie completely flat on the bottom of the pool. Admittedly, I can’t think of a safety value in this. (I couldn’t hide from bad guys long enough, unless I had some sort of breathing help.)

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