Sowing the Links of Love

I am not alone in my desire to never ever teach online.  I just don’t have the TIME, besides disagreeing with it philosophically.  Check out the comments at Historiann.  There is always, always one student who comes on and says “I took an online class and it was so useful to me and very rigorous too!”  These people have no idea what it’s like to teach a 3/3 load to unprepared and unmotivated students. They also fail to understand that the plural of anecdote is not data.  Still.  Sigh.

Here we have beautiful photos of a Chinese tea market, from Wonder a Day.  I might have to spend way more time on that site.

The works of the book surgeon are Wrong (aaa!  books!) but also so very beautiful.

“I just know this is gonna be the comic that totally ends sexism on the internet FOREVER!”  Sadly, it didn’t — but great try, Gabby!  We love ya.  And the kitten.

Check out this awesome awesome debt reduction calculator.  From in mint condition.

Would you like to take a 7-question quiz about cheese? Nom nom.

FGA reminds us to live for now in addition to the future.

This BS-ometer is awesome.  From academic jungle.

Finally, in lieu of more awesome links, here are two lovely pictures and a funny video to look at:

arbor at Santa Clara University



11 Responses to “Sowing the Links of Love”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    One of my favorite places to visit when I’m traveling internationally is the spice and tea markets. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the beautiful sacks of spices and I always go home with tons of them. Have you ever seen those jasmine tea pods that open up and bloom when they steep? So neat. I also love rugs.

    Also, thanks for the mention.

  2. Lane Says:

    The Chinese tea market pictures were marvelous. I can only imagine the smells! Must go back to the motherland one day.

  3. Historiann Says:

    Thanks, friends, for the linky love and the HI-larious video. Wish I had seen that one a long time ago . . . I may steal it from you.

  4. bloggerclarissa Says:

    I’m planning to start teaching online precisely because I want more time for research. Once you set it up, such a course practically runs itself. I’m against it ideologically as well, but my teaching load is 3:3, which is too much. I need more time and, for me, my interests come first. It isn’t like anybody is forcing students to take online courses.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I’ve never met someone who didn’t say it took MORE time because of answering all the emails and fixing the inevitable problems, students complaining about failing, etc. But more time for research is always great! Good luck!

  5. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    That cheese quiz was f*ucken bullshitte! Like anyone gives a flying f*cke what cheeses were mentioned in the motherf**cken domesday booke. Stupid british f*cken assholes.

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