Answering Googled questions: You know you wanna.

For those poor souls who may still be searching for the answers to their burning questions and, in searching, find our blog.  Here are the answers.

Q:  got c graduate school should i leave

A:  Depends on your field and your program.

Q:  why did you go to graduate school?

A:  For the wrong reasons, but it turned out ok anyway.  (#2 went for the right reasons)

Q:  what matters more money or job satisfaction

A:  Both.  Especially for women.  #2 sometimes has trouble refraining from shouting “We want more money, not more dancing dogs!!!” at the dean.  Pray for my self-control before tenure, please.

Q:  do i still pay taxes on my house when i have paied it off

A:  YES.

Q:  why do i feel the need to have sex with my friends bfs

A:  Because you need therapy?

Q:  how to keep up breastmilk supply when nursing only 2x/day

A:  If your supply has set in (meaning you’ve been nursing for a few months– too early and your breasts may stop producing milk entirely), your breasts will adjust to how much milk and when you need it.  So try to nurse the same time every day and your body will be ready for it in advance.  Still, it’s best to nurse or pump more frequently, but if you can’t, your body can handle that.

Q:  do professors get to travel a lot?

A:  Get to or have to?  Depends.  One of us travels too much, the other too little.  Part of it depends on $$.

Q:  can you get into a phd program without straight as?

A:  Yes, but maybe not the best one in your field.  Also ask, is it worth it?

Q:  why are er bills so expensive

A:  For a LOT of different reasons.  Inelastic demand for true emergencies.  Inability to turn patients away leading to uncompensated care and inefficient provision.  There are more.

Q:  is hot decaf tea good for breastmilk supply?

A:  Depends on what is in the tea. Water, of course, is always good.  Look up Galactagogues.

Q:  will my 2nd pregnancy makes my 1st 3 year old boy grumpy?

A:  Yes, but he will get over it.

Q:  ph.d. english does it matter for hiring if you’ve gotten a b+

A:  No.  Inability to capitalize might.

Q:  why should i give up my addiction

A:  Because your friends and family are worried about you.  Call your mom.

10 Responses to “Answering Googled questions: You know you wanna.”

  1. Kellen Says:

    Can *I* get into an accounting PhD program without straight As? I got 750 on the gmat… I suppose I could take it again and try again for 800.

  2. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    The best thing to do would be to look at the admissions stats for your schools of interest. What does their average candidate look like? (Also look at their exit stats.)

    Accounting PhDs are in demand, and presumably they still will be by the time you get done.

  3. bogart Says:

    Inability to capitalize … and Call your mom. Love these!

  4. Spanish Prof Says:

    – why did you go to graduate school?
    Because I didn’t know what to do with my life, but it turn out OK.

    -do professors get to travel a lot?
    If they want to, but I hate traveling.

    -can you get into a phd program without straight as?
    In some fields, absolutely. But your application essay will be essential.

    -why should i give up my addiction?
    You shouldn’t (just kidding…)

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