Google Questions: redux

Q:  my dad is lutheran but my mom is catholic, how do i reconcile these two very similar, but different views

A:  Why don’t you think hard about what it is that you believe and find a religion that fits your own beliefs.  Though a joke is that Catholic + Lutheran = Episcopalian, that may or may not be true for your case.  Heck, you might be a unitarian universalist but just don’t know it yet.  Or a Baptist.  Or an athiest.  Or anything else under the sun.  You get to choose.  You could be a Buddhist or agnostic.  There are options.

Q:  How do I sell my soul online

A:  . . .

Q:  does tv ruin your life

A:  Only if you’re on a reality show.  And in some cases your life was a mess anyway– that’s why they wanted to film it in the first place.

Q:  is my colleague’s behaviour normal

A:  Probably not.  I would keep my distance.  Stay professional, but don’t get too close.

Q:  can market efficiency evolve on its own without government intervention? what role do ethics play in market efficiency?

A:  I suspect this is someone’s take-home final exam question.  The answer to the first question is:  No.  That’s most likely the entire point of the class you’re taking.  I strongly encourage you to look at the headings of your textbook about sources of market failure.  In the second part, that question does not have a well-defined and agreed upon answer, so you should feel free to answer it as you believe, using the terminology you used in class.

Q:  why is housework/childcare not valued

A:  Two answers to this, both blaming the patriarchy.  First:  It is not valued because women do it.  Second:  It IS valued by the women who pay people to do it.  A good cleaner is worth his or her weight in gold and a good childcare provider is priceless.  It just seems not to be valued by say, many men, who are used to getting such services for free.  So, the idea that it is not valued is also coming from the patriarchy because even when they are the minority or it is not their sphere of influence, what men think is important is what we default on.  Research on women alone is considered a special topic, but research on white men is “of general interest” even when white men are only a small and unusual subset of the entire population in that subject area.

Q:  i’m 33 should i have a baby or work

A:  The two are not mutually exclusive.

Q:  what do you do if your husband is a grouchy boring asshole ?

A:  #1:  Don’t marry a douche.  #2:  If he hasn’t always been a douche, take him to the doctor to make sure it isn’t something physical.  #3:  Counseling, both individual and couples.  #4:  Divorce!

Q:  does depreciation waste money yes or no

A:  This sounds like another final exam question.  I’ll give you a hint:  The point of this question is to show that you understand what depreciation is and can explain it thoughtfully.  If you look through your class notes, your professor has probably told you his/her preferred yes/no, but what is important is the explanation.  (I would go with “no,” but the important thing is your explanation… you may even want to say, “yes in these respects” “no in these other respects.”)

Q:  how important is a career?

A:  This depends on your personality and the culture in which you live in.  For us, career is pretty important.  For others, only a distraction from the true purpose in life.  For others, finding a life purpose just gets in the way of actually living.

10 Responses to “Google Questions: redux”

  1. Cloud Says:

    Well, in my parents case, Lutheren + Catholic = hippie. They aren’t hippies anymore, though. But no one in the immediate family goes to church.

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Why are you helping these lazy f*ckes with their homework questions?

  3. JrzyGrrl Says:

    $elling your soul on-line?
    Ask the Friendly Atheist – he sold his on e-bay!

  4. First Gen American Says:

    I like your answer to the TV question. Very funny but I don’t think it’s necessarily true for those career oriented reality shows like Project Runway, Top Chef or Design Star. I love project runway and seeing people get creative. I guess it’s the same reason why I like reading blogs.

  5. MutantSupermodel Says:

    I love these.

    Q: is my colleague’s behaviour normal

    A: Probably not. I would keep my distance. Stay professional, but don’t get too close.

    I’d like to add that you should also be nice and buy them snickers because if Dane Cook is right you might save your life.

    P.S. For some reason, the last of your posts to appear on my WordPress Reader is the No-Spend one. I actually got worried not hearing from you two since then and came to find you and was surprised to see you’d actually been vigorously updating. Pooh.

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