OMG schoolstartedwe’redying but here are some nice links…

So, Scalzi had a most excellent post on how the type of bull-excrement that tiny penis men throw on women bloggers is different than the kind men get.  (Go and read the original blog post he’s talking about, too.  Who makes a  Twitter feed to mock a baby’s head?)  Our experience agrees with Scalzi’s assessment, and we blame the patriarchy.  Linking to that, we came across this interesting article explaining mansplaining from tiger beatdown, which linked to this most excellent article by Zuska (who we love) about mansplaining… but you should not only read the above linked articles to be educated, but also because after you read them, this article by Zuska about men who cannot follow clear directions given by women is hilarious.

The above adds some additional incentives for bloggers to remain pseudonymous.   Discussion from Micro Dr. O which includes links to other science bloggers on the topic and not of general interest.

I totes need to start doing this.  (Not burning people’s houses down, of course.)

We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance.

Sheldon comics is advertising (and shilling for) a documentary about comics, including web-comics.

Pictures of cosplayers and a cute guide to Dragon*con from CNN.  Usually mainstream media guides for nerd/tech things are lame, but I like this one.


14 Responses to “OMG schoolstartedwe’redying but here are some nice links…”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance.

    No f*cken wai!! REALLY!?!?!?!? HOLY GODDAMN MOTHERF*CKEN SHITTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    On a more serious note, I just read the Scalzi post and then some of the shitte he linked to. Man, that is some f*cked uppe shitte. I hope you guys aren’t on the receiving end of thatte kind of crappe.

  3. kh Says:

    With respect, I think you missed the greater point of not just Scalzi’s post, but Shauna’s post as well. This is not about “tiny penis men” attacking women bloggers – it’s about PEOPLE attacking women bloggers. If you go back and read Shauna’s original post, she doesn’t say these comments are coming from men. In fact throughout the whole, she very carefully avoids naming male or female as the culprits. And I can tell you from my own experience in my real life blogging and working, that the vast majority of nasty, ugly, hateful comments come from other women. Especially comments about your role as wife and/or mother, and comments about your body.

    Do a search on hate blogs for well known bloggers. Pioneerwoman/Ree Drummond, Dooce/Heather Armstrong, The Bloggess … and so many more. I’m not going to list them by name or link because I refuse to give them any press – but there are hundreds of them. All of them women bloggers who are viciously and brutally attacked daily BY OTHER WOMEN. Women who tell them that they’re failures as people, as mothers, as wifes, as human beings. People who tell them they deserve whatever bad thing that has happened to them that they’ve blogged about. People who tell them they deserve to die or their children should be taken away from them or whatever nasty, bitter, ugly thing they think of.

    Yes, men find women to be a handy target on the internet, but I am willing to bet that the vast majority of hate comes from other women. And it’s truly disgusting.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Yes, it is about people, not men OR women. One of our (2) attackers happens to be a man with a tiny penis. We think the second one is just crazy, though he may also have a tiny penis (which is why I don’t want to engage him on your blog– he may not have made comments about YOUR body or family, but he left some here). They both have given vicious attacks (though nowhere near as bad as the kind of stuff I got once people found out on the Chronicle forum that instead of being the white middle-aged full professor they thought I was, I was a young female), which you have not seen because our spam filter is good.

      I have not gotten the kind of viciousness from anonymous women that I have gotten from anonymous men anywhere on the internet. I am willing to believe that is because I tend to frequent majority (or at least, sizeable minority, since men are socialized to be heard) male places rather than majority female places. Someone who does the reverse will possibly find the opposite. I suppose I should have let #2 link again to that Zuska piece we linked to last week, but it’s the one on the top if you look at last week’s link. When women are sexist bastards, they’re not sexist bastards because they’re women, but in spite of it.

  4. Coquo ergo sum Says:

    I fail to see how penis size dictates how a man behaves/misbehaves. Please enlighten us.

  5. PQA Says:

    I love those mansplaining posts by Zuska, so funny and sad at the same time.

  6. Jacq Says:

    So here’s my question… Where’s the line? My bitchy side comes out sometimes, I admit it. I will make snide comments on other blogs about relatively “famous” figures – eg. Tim Ferriss types or the whole James Ray sweatlodge / funeral pyre fiasco. For the most part, it’s because I think they’re deliberately marketing to / deluding other people for their own profit and that bugs me. A lot. Does that make me a “hater”?

    My son and I don’t even read Pioneer Woman’s blog (I think I’ve gone on there once but it’s not my bag – I grew up on a farm, and that’s not what it’s like – it’s farm porn for people who’ve never lived that life who see it through the lens of a multi-millionaire operation), but we think Pie Near Woman is funnier than anything with the Barbie doll reenactments. I wish she was writing about a fictitious character but…

    I’ll make fun of Zen Habits book and his section on “how to take a bath” or his $500 “building a habit course” – because, well, a bath is pretty easy to take and to pay $500 to take a course on developing a 28 day meditation habit or similar is sort of silly. And the marketing was classic “Influence” by Cialdini. I’m tired of people preying on vulnerable people – because I lived in that vulnerable world with many friends there too for too long.

    I have only received a few snide comments on my own blog and they were upsetting enough that I stopped writing for awhile because of them. My first reaction was to just say “F*ck You” – because that’s what I’d do in real life.

    So I guess I don’t know where the line is. If you’re somewhat famous, does that mean it can be open season on you as a person? Is it wrong that I LMAO at Tom Cruise on Oprah parodies?

    • Frugal Forties Says:

      “I have only received a few snide comments on my own blog and they were upsetting enough that I stopped writing for awhile because of them.”

      I also think you have to look at the context of what’s being posted. Pie Near Woman – it’s not in fun, it’s not nice. It’s mocking and meant to be snide and bitchy. It also links to some pretty hate filled sites. (Note, I don’t read it but I know of it and went back and looked before responding here.) They’ve also completely ripped off her site design which is just sleazy, IMO.

      I also think you should look at it in context of what you wrote above. If you found someone who mocked your site and your writing and your life the way Pie Near Woman does, how would it make you feel? Would it make you not want to write? Then yes, it’s gone too far – it’s crossed that line.

      It’s this type of attitude that makes people think it’s ok to escalate the hate. If you don’t like it, if you don’t think it’s realistic, if you think someone has sold out or is pandering to the almighty dollar, say so and move on. When you spend all that effort mocking and deriding someone you’ve never met and who has no impact on your life, then you’ve got a problem. Even worse, you ARE the problem. You encourage the hate and the haters.

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