Eat poop you cat: Telepictionary

Eat Poop You Cat is a fun and frugal game. All you need is a pencil or pen and some paper. And some friends, or at least acquaintances willing to play.

Eat Poop You Cat combines the bad artistry of Pictionary with the elementary school humor of a rousing game of Telephone.

Basically, you start with a sheet of paper. One person secretly writes a sentence on the top of a sheet of paper so that nobody can see it. Then he hands it to the next person. She then looks at the sentence and attempts to illustrate it. Before handing it to the next person, she covers up the first sentence, boardgame geek suggests doing so by folding it backwards. Person 3 writes down the sentence that he thinks her picture is describing. Then he covers both the first sentence and the first picture, leaving only his sentence for person 4 to illustrate. The pattern continues until you run out of people (or are one away from running out of people) and you end on a sentence.

Boardgame Geek suggests using several sheets of paper, one for each person and going round robin so everyone is drawing or writing down a sentence at the same time. That probably makes things more entertaining.

Here’s a fun one.

My favorites are the ones where you have to start with a common saying. Sometimes people start with nonsensical sayings and the end result just isn’t as funny.

How do you turn, “Don’t drop the soap” into “Mom says you’ll poke your eye out”? Here’s how.

Anyhow, fun for the whole family.  A good party game, if you party that way.

(We were not paid by the Eat Poop You Cat association to write this post.  We know of nobody making money from said game.  But it’s only a matter of time before Hasbro picks it up, right?) (WRONG!  the game is called Scribblish, by Cranium.  #2 has played it with family; it was fun.  We changed the rules a bit but it’s the same idea.  I believe Hasbro owns Cranium, so it’s already happened!  The future is now!  Give us moneys!)

What are your favorite party games?

9 Responses to “Eat poop you cat: Telepictionary”

  1. Kellen Says:

    Catchphrase is definitely a fun game – it’s a good way to get a new person integrated into the group too, since it’s pretty fast moving, so people forget to be on their “we’re still kind of strangers” behavior.

    Also, my friends and I used to play something similar to “Eat poop you cat” where you’d write a story, and each person would write a couple lines, then fold the paper so only the last line of what they wrote was showing.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      That’s a fun one, too. The hilarious part about Scribblish/Eat Poop was that most people, including me, are terrible artists, which makes interpreting their drawings an exercise in surrealism. I used to write back-and-forth stories with my best friend in 5th and 6th grade. I still have one of them.

  2. julier Says:

    Balderdash ( is a great party game for geeks. You can buy it from Hasbro or just use strips of paper and a dictionary – preferably unabridged. Basically, someone picks a word and everyone has to write down a definition. There are points for getting the definition correct and extra points for picking a word no one knows.

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    YAHTZEE MOTHERF*CKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 YEAH F*CKENNENNEN @!!!!!!!

  4. becca Says:

    My favorite ever is Apples to Apples.
    Really, is it shocking I need a game I’m supposed to argue in?

  5. butterfly Says:

    Pictence is the app version of telepictionary. Pretty fun.

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