This one from cackle of rad about how flirting leads to you having wrinkles and no time is funny and sad (and not always true!  Escape while you can!).

In which hermitage is a pissy black person. Discussing the recent NIH kerfuffle among other academic disparities.  I can tell you that the entire quality distribution of blacks in my field is higher than that of whites (though much smaller)– Spence signaling theory would suggest this means there is discrimination just getting into a PhD program.  That also suggests that blacks should be doing very well with grants in my field– and they are, but mainly with the NSF.

Say you’re addicted to adjuncting, or beaten down like an abused spouse.  How do you quit? After academe with the answer.

We don’t want to do these things mommy prof doesn’t want to do either.

An old one linked from savvy working gal talking about the mary kay cosmetics pyramid scheme.

CPP rejoice, for we were included in this week’s carnival of personal finance! Thanks, invest it wisely!  And we miss you…

Won’t someone think of the children?  More or less bunk on ginormous classes, online classes and so on.

Fortunately, the children are our future.

Mom 101 reminding us that men and women and indeed, society can be sexist.  Not just men!

Zuska with a tongue in cheek expose of an article showing that men have better senses of humor than women (you know ‘cuz date rape is funny).

PhDComics the movie, screening somewhere near you.

Also, a bonus challenge update!  September is going well so far.  I am doing surprisingly well with going to bed at a reasonable hour, sleeping about 7 – 8 hours, and getting up immediately(ish) when the alarm goes off in the (oh so early) morning.  I am not napping during the day on weekdays, even when I get up early.  Go me!  I am trying to drink lots of water (sometimes succeeding).  Also that alternate mood-regulation thing is going ok too.  *grin*

Wish me (continued) luck and skill in completing September…!  Now I’m off to a conference.  Try not to burn the place down while I’m gone, peeps.

3 Responses to “Linker-struck”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Also that alternate mood-regulation thing is going ok too. *grin*

    Boning twice a day?

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