Yarrr, love the links, me hearties.

Mutant Super Model is awesome and not just because she says we’re wise in this excellent article on why we pay off debt.

Of books and bikes recently finished reading the Little House Books.

XKCD supports my suspicion that my school’s password requirements are the dumbest thing evar.  (#1 recently passively aggressively left a link to this comic on her mandatory IT security training comment section.)

This link is so very old, yet oh so very delicious: Schadenfreude pie! (!!!)

Shopping Detox discusses the insights she’s gained through a food bank exercise she’s doing.

Scalzi with a plea from Weird Al.

Still getting steamrolled by work… can you tell?  Ok, we have nothing to say here, sorry.  But I can tell you about my September challenge.

Actually, I’m pretty proud of myself for staying on-task.  (and never fear, we still have posts coming every day!)  By that I mean, I’ve been doing work-related things all day every day … mostly.  I am getting so much done this semester, though of course it’s never enough.  But the being-productive feeling is good.

I traveled to a conference this past week, which kinda messed up my sleep schedule, and I have cheated and had naps a few times.  I’m not doing as well as I should on the managing hydration part:  I’m not drinking enough water.  Mostly because I’m not that thirsty and water is boring, but I need to keep working on drinking more.  I am still getting up before I need to, which is helpful in getting my day going.

I am doing really well on staying away from the monitor before bedtime (hence the lack of links to love!).

I have room for improvement in the coming week, but if I just keep up the good work I will accomplish my goals.  The good news is that I have gotten at least 7 hours of sleep per night (my goal) pretty much every single night.  Most nights I even get 8-ish, which is better.  Go me!

Do you have links to share?

10 Responses to “Yarrr, love the links, me hearties.”

  1. Rxnh Says:

    She’s amy walker, a whiz with accents, and the main feature of our after work youtube party yesterday. She’s got quite a few videos.

  2. Rebecca H. Says:

    Many thanks for the link!

  3. Annabelle Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. xo

  4. Mutant Supermodel Says:

    Thank you for the love. Enough water is hard for me too..

  5. First Gen American Says:

    I’m on book 4 of the little house books. I am wondering what I’ll write about them once I get to the end. I go back and forth between loving the simple lifestyle and wanting to slap Pa for living paycheck to paycheck and having his wanderlust take over the sensible part of his brain.

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