What are we reading these days?

With the start of the school year comes a drastic decrease in leisure reading.  So sad.  Still, here’s what we’re up to.

Bookhunter by Jason Shiga.  You should read this book.  Simple yet attractive drawings, and Library Police who will kick your butt if you don’t return books.  It’s a trip to read the ’70s-era technological conversation, too!

The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World, by Guillaume De Laubier.  Harrrrrgle.

Fields of Play (Constructing an academic life) by Laurel Richardson.  I just started this one, so not much to say about it yet.  The original essays seem thick slogging, but the little foreword and afterword bits are cute.

I’ve recently loved graphic novel The Professor’s Daughter.  Beautifully gorgeous artwork, madcap plot!  Surrealism abounds, and some slapstick too.  Something uncomfortable happens to Queen Victoria.

And, of course, more Georgette Heyer. #2 has gorged herself on cheap Kindle copies of her work.  Current working theory:  The best Heyer novels are the ones with a title that is just a woman’s name.  Including, of course, The Grand Sophy, which isn’t quite just one name, but is almost as good as Frederica.  #1 just finished False Colours.  (#2 is currently reading The Foundling)

#1 also just finished The City of Ember, which is good for kids and (spoiler!) has a happy ending.

#2 Strongly recommends that Kindle/e-readers take a whirl with The Enchanted April.  It is lovely and free (on Kindle).

What are you reading these days?


21 Responses to “What are we reading these days?”

  1. Renee — ramblecrunch Says:

    Never read any Georgette Heyer. Will try Frederica on my Kindle. Cheers.

  2. Kellen Says:

    I’m in the middle of reading:

    The Dog’s Mind – Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior, by Bruce Fogle
    The Introvert Advantage, by Olsen Laney
    Extranos Peregrinos: Doce Cuentos, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    Oh and some nights “Auntie Robbo” by Ann Scott-Moncrief, this great British childrens book we’ve had since I was a kid (First published in 1941. This edition published by The Bodly Head Ltd, 1985 – love British names.)

  3. Kellen Says:

    It’s out of print, but there’s an e-version here:

  4. First Gen American Says:

    Halfway through the Little House boxette. I’m smack in the middle of the long winter now. Still wanting to slap pa. He’s hardworking yes, but my god does that guy live hand to mouth.

    I’ll be on the lookout for some cheap Georgette soon. Next on my list after these books are the 4 WIll Thomas books. My husband says it’s Will’s interpretation of Sherlock Holmes and I loved all the holmes books.

    • Coquo ergo sum Says:

      With what happens to Jack and Mary in “By the Shores,” I stopped reading the series. (I was young; I found it too depressing.) For me, there is nothing written after “On the Banks of Plum Creek.”

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I’ve read through the entire series once. But through On the Banks of Plum Creek multiple times. As a child I thought Pa was great, but reading Little House in the Big Woods to DC recently, I felt exactly as FGA did. Ah, the cynical eye of being a grown-up.

  5. Coquo ergo sum Says:

    Now I have a mental image of Suze Orman giving Pa a “Suze Smackdown.”

  6. bogart Says:

    I just finished Mindset, at Cloud’s recommendation, I think. In same vein, I want to read the Price of Privilege referenced in the NYT magazine this past weekend in the article on success/failure. Right now I’m reading Outlaw Seas, a book I picked up off a “free books” stack, and finding it pretty interesting, as I know nothing about shipping law, or privacy (of course for the same reason the book may be a bunch of hogwash and I wouldn’t know, but it’s interestingly written hogwash).

    Mostly a non-fiction kind of gal. Though there’s a PD James I pulled off that same stack of free books — I forget which one except to know I haven’t read it — that I’m also looking forward to.

    We’re not up to the Little House books yet, should be an interesting re-read.

  7. Molly Says:

    My Super Sexy Bookclub is reading the Karen Moning ‘Fae’ series. I’m on book two and besides the sub-par writing I’m way turned off from book 1’s aliens taking a woman’s life force away by having the most pleasurable sex with them….please get me out of this! I think there’s 5 books! I’m only on #2!

  8. Bryan at Pinch that Penny! Says:

    I just started “Reading Godot” by Lois Gordon. That Samuel Beckett…

  9. MutantSupermodel Says:

    You will NOT BELIEVE what came to my library after MONTHS of waiting and which I began reading today.


    Are you Sure?

    The Iron Duke!!!

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