In which I am a Giant Nerd

I don’t even play D&D (YET!?!?), but I made a D&D character (4th edition).  I thought it would be fun.  It was!  I did a lot of it online, and we also whipped out some of my partner’s large collection of D&D books in order to help with the many options.  The great thing about the online system is that it spits out printable cards with all your attacks on them, with necessary stats on each, and color-coded.

Meet Dara, the level 1 half-elf swordmage.  That isn’t her real name.  I know her first, middle, and last names — but I’m not telling you because neither is she.  She’s going by Dara because she’s not too proud of a certain event in her past.  She travels around trying to get back to something that happened years ago.

Dara has a familiar, because I thought it would be fun to have one.  Also, it gives her fire resistance, because I know it sucks bad to be on fire all the time (thank you, WotC podcasts with Penny Arcade, PvP, Wil Wheaton, and celebrity DM Chris Perkins [who is totally cute]).

She’s highly intelligent, which wasn’t actually my first choice, but when I started constructing her stats, all her good attacks were int-based.  She’s also got a knack for success to help her friends and an aegis of assault to mark an attacker — look out, monsters!  So far she only has leather armor — look out, me!  Dara is good with Arcana and History, but terrible at bluffing.  She’s pretty decent with Insight.  She’s got a booming blade and a lightning clash, which seem fun.  Even better is her Vanishing Blade attack, where she becomes invisible and teleports.  Wheee!  It’s a daily, but a cool one.

Dara is currently unaligned and prays to Ioun.

My partner, of course, thinks this is awesome, because he also is a giant nerd.  A hot nerd.  Who bought a very hot table (“Suck it, Swiss army”).  Another reason I am a nerd is because I want this, even though I have no real use for it.  No use, and nowhere to put it.  And it would be ridonkulous expensive. But still.

#2 has played D&D first edition (with the boy she had a crush on in middle school, she was DM), D&D second edition (with her first boyfriend and his friends, she was a Psionocist), and D&D third edition with her partner and some of his friends of friends (she was a cleric).  That’s not counting all the computer games she used to play, ending with Neverwinter Nights.

#2 sometimes makes role-playing gaming jokes in class and a small handful of students will giggle.  She wishes a subset of that small handful would learn to make friends with soap and water.

11 Responses to “In which I am a Giant Nerd”

  1. bardiac Says:

    It sounds as if D&D has gotten more complicated since the days when AD&D was the new thing (how does that fit into the different editions? Is it a side note now?) I was wondering how a mage could use non-cloth armor… but the “sword” part probably explains that.

    Have fun! (And yes, I am totally jealous of the table!)

  2. First Gen American Says: weren’t kidding about a geek post. The sad thing is as I’m sitting and writing this in my office, I’m staring at 25 boxes of comics, which are right in the way of where I want my guest bed. They aren’t mine, but I married an uber geek in disguise. I’d have to spend about $15K on those file cabinets to fit all those comics in them.

  3. Coquo ergo sum Says:

    I never played D&D. I just watched the cartoon. But, I am a level-85 warlock in the World of Warcraft. FOR THE HORDE!

  4. Bryan at Pinch that Penny! Says:

    I have played D&D in the past, and maybe I should get back into it. I’m pretty sure a group of friends back home get together every Sunday night for a game. Maybe I’ll try to ingratiate myself back into that group again.

    For what it’s worth, my giant nerd pastime of choice is that sinkhole of money Magic the Gathering. I don’t throw as much cash down that hole as I used to, but it’s still a side-hobby. Nothing makes you feel older than going to a Magic tournament and getting beaten by a 12 year old.

  5. julier Says:

    I have to admit – I may have drooled on my computer a bit when I saw that shelving unit.

    The Mr is a giant geek who has been playing D&D since the beginning. I’ve played a bit, but I prefer other types of RPGs that have different sorts of settings. For example, I love playing Chill which has more of a mystery/steam punk sort of setting.

    My little people have recently started roll playing with Daddy. I expect there will be lots more of it in my future.

  6. Rumpus Says:

    I like the Dresden Files rpg system I like the setting of modern with magic, and the system is slanted towards story-telling but with solid mechanics. The only bit that feels a bit weird are the rules for social combat.

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