The Links of the Day

On the importance of being able to deal with failure in order to succeed, by feMOMhist.  Also, many high schools suck.

I wrote this post like a girl, by gertyz.  We at grumpy rumblings hate this constant stream of, “he’s all boy, she’s such a girl” etc. that starts as soon as the first pink bow or blue onsie goes on.

Not that it goes away in the movies.  If Dr. Bardiac had millions of dollars, she’d fund a movie that switches the gender roles exactly, so there’s one guy and tons of women.  And the women aren’t just talking about men either.

Check out Dr. Crazy’s wisdom in the comments in this post about deadwood students from love and disdain.

This NPR story on ancient secularism is so absolutely amazing and very funny.

We may be poor but we are happy reminds you to pay your bills and not someone else’s.  Especially if someone else is a scam artist.

From We are Respectable Negroes, a post whose very title is depressing.

Scattered and Random with a post on kids these days.  How can people get into college knowing so very very little?  We blame the American Education System.  And not enough books at home.


3 Responses to “The Links of the Day”

  1. Cloud Says:

    Good links today!

    (Hello from vacation and a hotel with wi fi, if you wondered where I went. Because, you know, it is all about me.)

    The academic posts make me glad my career took a left turn and I didn’t become a professor (or try- not guarantee I’d have made it). I’m glad you guys are out there trying to educate the youth, though.

  2. First Gen American Says:

    Organs remind me of stuffy churches and musty book smell. It’s amazing how just the sound of it brings me back to church.

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