Our infinite wisdom and your google questions

Q:  is basil still good after it’s gone to seed

A:  Yes, but the plant will soon die.  So get your last pesto in!

Q:  i am a mother and have a full time job and my husband complains i don’t clean enough what should i do

A:  First thought:  divorce so you have one fewer baby to pick up after.   More seriously:  talk to him about what problems exactly he’s having with the cleanliness, see if it can be solved with hiring a cleaning person.  If his argument is that you are the woman and thus you should be doing the cleaning rather than he feels like he is doing more than his fair share of cleaning, then either get thee to a counselor or divorce the SOB.

Q:  are things as dirty as they seem germs paranoid

A:   Bacteria are everywhere it is true.  But, yes, you are paranoid.  Be careful around cooking and things like raw chicken, but for the most part it’s better to let a little dirt into your life.  Keeps the immune system strong, decreases allergies and asthma.  Use water and vinegar as your primary cleaners, not commercial cleaners.

Q:  how clean cat hairs in my mouth

A:  Is this how clean are the cat hairs in your mouth?– if they’re like ours they’ve been ambient and so are not very clean.  As for how to clean the cat hairs out of your mouth, well, #1’s method is to wash and dry her hands and then frantically flail at her face and mouth with them while making murfle sounds.  This usually results in more cat hairs in her mouth so she doesn’t recommend it.  #2’s method is to stick out her tongue and try to pick the hairs off individually, while making that face like “bleahpfahpfthwa”.  It works sometimes.

Q:  ‘why would someone be deliberately controversial’

A:  To get traffic, of course!  There’s also some benefit to getting discussion going and getting a full range of viewpoints.  We can learn from politely discussing controversial ideas.  But really it’s about the attention getting.  (Disagree?)

Q:  what is your least favorite chore?

A:  #1:  That’s a tough one.  I think anything involving me touching grease or mold or anything bad smelling.  #2:  dishes, cleaning the litter box, cleaning the bathroom.

Q:  how to tell your partner to floss

A:  Honesty is generally the best policy.  Also, you  may want to hold your nose while telling hir.

Q:  do you agree with i/o theorists

A:  Sometimes.

Q:  are any jeffery deaver kindle books available for free

A:  This audio version of an author’s roundtable is.  There are also a number of his books available for $0.99 on Kindle.  And, of course, your local library may have them if it is set up for electronic books.

Q:  how to really entertain a class teaching a boring topics

A:  The best way is to find it interesting instead of boring.  Failing that, I like cracking jokes.  Or, generally, if a topic is boring and you’re teaching it ANYWAY, it’s because the topic is somehow IMPORTANT.  Impress them upon its importance and why it is important, even if it’s just so other people in the field will think they’re educated.  If it is boring and unimportant, then why are you teaching it?


8 Responses to “Our infinite wisdom and your google questions”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    I think basil tastes bitter and minty once it goes to seed. I never use it once it’s gone that far.

    My least favorite chore is ironing by far. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. I actually like dirty chores like gardening and painting. I’ll happily clean a toilet before I iron a shirt.

    • Cloud Says:

      Oh, yeah, I HATE ironing. I refuse to buy clothes that need ironing.

      My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind it. I’ve never been able to convince him that this means he should do mine (because I inevitable screw up and end up with a few shirts that need ironing)…..

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        I don’t mind ironing. My parents set me to do it starting at age 7 and I was allowed to *gasp* watch tv while I did it.

        Ironically I don’t think we even own an ironing board because I cultivate a “rumpled professor” look.

      • GMP Says:

        Haven’t ironed anything since moving to the US.
        Fabric softener/dryer softener sheets + folding warm laundry straight from the dryer = win
        Plus what nicoleandmaggie said — it helps that both DH work in academia so things needn’t be crisp.

  2. Trish Says:

    Dont let the basil go to seed you sillies! pinch off the flower stalks before that happens. and here is a tip that a local pizza parlor owner from sicily taught me – basil freezes well. oh, yes, it does.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      If you make pesto and then freeze it you can have pesto all year round without getting out the food processor (or mortar and pestle). :)

      It would be nice if we could remember to check the basil often enough to not let it go to seed… but a nice thing about letting it go to seed is basil seedlings!

    • pvcccourses Says:

      LOL! I had the same thought about the seeds. And…if you live in a warm climate, grow your basil in a pot, and you can bring it indoors during the few nights of frost.

      I’ve never had much luck getting basil leaves to freeze. But pesto freezes beautifully. It’s mighty good on pizza, too.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        If you live in a cold climate you can grow basil indoors year round (and it’s easier to nip any flowers in the bud when they’re inside) so long as you have a window.

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