Google Q&A

Not to be confused with replacing Q with T.  That gets you something else entirely on the internets.

Q:  are we othe inyernet?

A:  Yes, weare e.

Q:  i live in zone 7 can i shape my compact holly now?

A:  Um.  Maybe?  DH says:  Don’t let your neighbors see you do it.

Q:  why do hot toddies work

A:  because of the DELICIOUS.

Q:  is it ok to merrie your best friend?

A:  It is absolutely ok to merrie anyone so long as they’re not doing one of those sulks where they just want to be sulking… or if they need to get through the stages of grief.  Comforting is good with the stages of grief but merrie is not really appropriate.

Q:  wat to make with barely anything in the fridge

A:  Usually I will make an egg in this situation (an omelete with stuff in it if there’s variety of barely anythings).  Of course, that only works if you have eggs in the fridge.  If you just have odds and ends and no eggs, you could make an odds and ends stirfry.  Or soup.  Or just eat things separately and alone.  Don’t eat just ketchup.

Q:  what is “a tony family”

A:  One that is wealthy and generally has a pedigree… old wealth.

Q:  why do i have to sacrifice everything

A:  Because if you don’t the great Monster Gathuuza will swallow the island and start on his path to vanquish the planet.  With your sacrifice, he will sleep another 400 years.  (Alternate answer:  You don’t.  Also, don’t marry a douche.)

Q:  what does rboc mean

A:  Random Bullets Of Crap.

Q:  do you agree that you should teach your children about housework even you are rich

A:  Depends on how rich and what you’re going to do with your inheritance.  Still, it’s good for a person to have basic skills so they can live on their own… cooking, basic cleaning.  Knowing how to make a bed when you’re a guest at someone’s house even if you will never need to make your own bed.  That sort of thing.

Q:  whats chores

A:  Things that need to be done whether you want to or not.

We hope that cleared some things up for you.

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One Response to “Google Q&A”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Hahahahah. You alluded to T&A. This blogge is so “edgy”.

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