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Posts you may find of interest:

Why I’m in no hurry to become a millionaire.

Why you should read Your Money or Your Life.

Optimizing isn’t always optimal. Satisfice– it’s nice!

What’s your cooking system?

Don’t *just* prepay the mortgage.

Different methods of sharing finances, whether with a loved one or simply a housemate.

It’s ok to buy a new car, or a used one. This one doesn’t have the predicted 200+ comments yet– please spend some time explaining your point of view!

What do YOU think about no-spend days?  The comments talk about who they work for and who they don’t.

Are you doing better than your parents?

The experiences vs. stuff post.  It mentions marginal utility.

Have you done a financial fire drill?

We have a lot of “stop feeling guilty and relax” posts… here’s why we think they’re popular

Our most commented on post is really just a series of questions on how balanced personal finance bloggers are allowed to be, but the comments are incredibly thought provoking. So read it for the comments even if the post is kind of post-lite.

There’s a lot more personal finance posts in here (generally on Mondays, but here and there throughout the week), please poke around and enjoy! We’re very excited you’re visiting.

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