Link Love

We were an editor’s pick at this week’s carnival of personal finance!

An awesome awesome post from Wandering Scientist about the culture of guilt… how when we say we feel guilty, that isn’t necessarily what we mean, but what we’ve been cultured to say.  And saying it when we mean something else has negative spillovers to other women.  IBTP.   If you read one of our links this week, this is the one we recommend.  Though the others are awesome too.

NPR with some awesome videos of the amazing camouflaging cuttlefish.

Clio Blue Stocking Tales had an awesome time at a conference, and some revelations.

Donate to Donors Choose, says ProflikeSubstance or Pigeon will Come To Your House.  Probably in a bus.  Oh man, I laughed so hard.  And seriously, Donors Choose is teh awesome.

Who knew, it is vaccine injury awareness (and bad science) month?  Apparently respectful insolence did.

I love this voice.  From NPR.

A totally awesome article on busted gender myths in psychology that I totes remember reading in my psych 101 textbook, like the one where they have people of different genders proposition people of the opposite gender and guys were all like, yeah let’s go, and women were all, ick, no.  Apparently there’s some selection going on– and many other similar effects deconstructed.

We agree with girl scholar.

3 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Cloud Says:

    Thanks for the link! And the compliments. I’m honored!

    Also, I love that picture from girl scholar. I’d print it out and hang it above my desk at home, but since Pumpkin is learning how to read and “fuck” is actually quite amenable to being sounded out… that seems a bit like playing with fire to me.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Great post!

      Yeah, we *had* been able to watch questionable movies by putting them on subtitles and watching at 2x speed, but we can’t do that anymore. DH and DC are on the couch watching Avatar instead.

  2. Clio Bluestocking Says:

    Thank you for the link lurve!

    Notorious Ph.D.’s link never fails to crack me up.

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