Ask the Grumpies: Who are the working mom bloggers?

Sandy asks:

Working mom blogs don’t usually reference working momism anywhere in the title. Who among your readers are working parents with blogs?

She adds:

I’d love to link up to them as I enjoy most of the people who comment on grumpy rumblings but don’t always get to their blog site. I was kind of envisioning a page with links, a little bio and a hyperlink to the latest article.  I have no real purpose to doing this besides having working moms find each other online.  The space is way underserved and you would never be able to find any of us if you searched “working mom blog”

Now..for the best way for other working moms to find the links?…new blog name with words working mom in it or page within first gen? I don’t have the capacity to build another site and add to it, but is a website with only one page of links good enough?

Well, one of the two of us is a working mom (the other is more of an honorary auntie… all the fun, none of the diaper changing).  We’re also curious.  If you are a parent and if you have a blog you would care to share (not a super secret blog), can you comment in the comments for Sandy?  (Even if your blog is about cooking!)  Also, how would you recommend she link people up?

33 Responses to “Ask the Grumpies: Who are the working mom bloggers?”

  1. feMOMhist Says:

    is writing work? JK, and of course I do reference my work in my title, but you have to get the clunky neologism.

  2. becca Says:

    Hmm. I believe the ancient internet answer to this is ‘webring’ and the modern internet answer is ‘carnival’. I never quite liked either answer, but they do work somewhat.
    That, and learn to game the google rankings so the page comes out high (NB: it is totes legit to game the google rankings if there is a genuine unmet need- i.e. you search for something and nothing comes up. In fact, ideally google would be ON IT. if anyone has any questions how to do this, there are webguides, or I could contact my aunt the online marketer).

  3. First Gen American Says:

    Thanks Grumpies.

    Well, I did end up buying a site name… (although it’s still not setup yet). I think google finds things in searches better if the keywords are in the site name themselves.

    I’ve been reading blogs for years and I’ve noticed over the years that the type of stuff I read has evolved quite a bit over time. When I was not loving my job I was gravitating towards pioneer homeschooling moms and it was a form of escapism…dreaming about selling it all and starting a farm somewhere. These days, I’m leaning towards other people like myself..who work full time and manage to squeeze fun in here and there. The great juggling act that is life fascinates me and I love learning how other people do it so that I can learn and refine my own ways of trying to get it all done without having a mental breakdown in the process.

    Anyway, if anyone wants in. I’ll be happy to add you to the list. I can’t promise anything grand beyond a page of links right now, but who knows, maybe it’ll evolve into something. If you prefer to talk directly my email is sandyl at firstgenamerican dot com.

  4. bogart Says:

    I don’t blog, but I do read some working mom blogs that I like. Do you want suggestions about blogs of working moms who don’t comment here?

      • bogart Says:

        OK, here are some I read more or less regularly and that post pretty regularly:

        Part advice site, part blog by a working, recently divorced mom who has recently moved to Michigan:

        Blog by single mom to 6 kids, Dawn Meehas, who has recently rejoined the workforce as a teacher’s assistant (?) —

        Katie Granju, WOHM to five, the eldest of whom died due to drug addiction over a year ago:

        Genvieve, WOHM to infant after infertility and living very much on the edge, financially (DH recently re-unemployed and seeking work)

        Catherine Connor, WOHM (newly, previously WAHM) to two and (very) recent immigrant to New York from Canada,

        WAHM (?) Maggie May,

        WOHM Kymberli mother to 5 (including one biological nephew) after infertility and surrogate mother to one living child plus several additional surrogacy attempts

        WO/AHM Cecily Kellogg, parenting one daughter after infertility (and after losing twin sons to pre-eclampsia in the second trimester, becoming by her own label ‘the poster child for partial-birth [sic] abortion’)

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Thanks for the links, all! Those are great.

  5. Foscavista Says:

    Do cats as kids count?

  6. Cloud Says:

    I’m a working mom, and I have a blog. I even post with some regularity about working mom things. I’m at:

    Interestingly, I was recently mistaken for a man on someone else’s blog post- something that has never happened to me online before. I guess I should have put something about being female in my blog title?

    I also have a post listing all the scientists who are mothers that I’ve come across. I try to update it whenever I find someone new, but I’m not always as fast as I’d like. Feel free to email me or leave a comment on that post if I’ve missed you or someone you know.

  7. ABDMama Says:

    I’m a semi-working mom. Looking for tenure track jobs right now and focusing on part-time administrative work and writing (articles and dissertation to book) while looking.

  8. feMOMhist Says:

    i didn’t even think about the fact that my blog, and the others I read, are actually variants, or subgroup of “working mom blog” in that they are about moms working in academia as (mostly) professors. I can’t imagine that would make them boring to other people :) but if they are looking for info on dealing with bosses or negotiating flex time, we aren’t the best source of info probably

  9. Lindy Mint Says:

    I’m one!

    I agree, working moms are way underrepresented (maybe because none of us have time to be super bloggers). I’ve tried finding good resources in the past, but only came up with SEO hog sites with nothing useful to say.

    I think a website that’s just a page of links is perfectly fine. There’s a website like that for bloggers in my city, and it’s been a great resource for connecting with others. My one suggestion is that its categorized by niche – food, finance, family, career, etc. so it’s easier to dig through if it gets too long. I did something similar with my blogroll, so if you need help with the setup, let me know.

  10. frugalscholar Says:

    I’m a working mom, though my kids aren’t little.

  11. Alyssa Says:

    I’m a working mom too!

  12. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Working mom blog = me., as you know. :)

  13. First gen american Says:

    Wow thanks everyone. This gives me a big head start. I will be reaching out to you soon. I just need to setup the format of my page and get my header going. If anyone wants to give me a head start, Email me with a 1-2 sentence blurb about who you are and what category I should put you in. I will probably have categories on writing genre, marital status, amd if there are enough in one category career type. I will probably lump work at home with writer.

  14. femmefrugality Says:

    I’m not working per se, but I’m a full-time student! So that hopefully I will be working again soon…

  15. Ginger Says:

    I’m a working mom, and am ALWAYS looking for new ways to find other working mom bloggers (it seems SO hard to do!)

  16. hush Says:

    Another working mother here, and in the last 4 years I’ve actually been a WOHM, a SAHM, and now I’m a WAHM. I’m more likely to blog about TV, my kids (4y.o. boy, 2y.o. girl), my marriage, living in a small town, and my attempts to make friends than my actual work though.

  17. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Hm, google thinks you may have something– we’re getting a lot of search hits for working moms.

  18. anandi Says:

    Ooh, me! I work part-time for a software company, and have a toddler. I came here through Cloud’s blog :)

    I have a tag called “work” if you want to look at the specifically work-related posts…

  19. oilandgarlic Says:

    I’m also a working mom and I’ve blogged a few times about the work/life juggle, although my blog started out as a food blog. I’m anonymous (don’t know if this matters). It is truly hard to find mom blogs from the working mom perspective esp. from those who work in the office! Wven though it’s a good outlet, think after a long day at work, the last thing we want to do is turn on the computer.

  20. oilandgarlic Says:

    I’m a working mom blog, although I started out as a food blogger. I’m anonymous (don’t know if that matters). I have written about the work/life juggle a few times.

  21. Dr. O Says:

    I’m a working mom, too, and trying ever so hard to find time to post on my blog!!

  22. Shannon Says:

    Working mom, but my blog’s kind of weird as my husband and I are chronicling the year we’re spending abroad while on Fulbrights/sabbaticals:

  23. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Wow this one brought all kinds of commentors out of the woodwork. Nice. I’m a working mom :)

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