Link Love

This week I deleted IE links off my start menu and desktop because I was using them to cheat leechblock. It will take me a while to figure out how to sneak back to them.

Comment #103 by Alcie.  On false economies and college costs.

Girl scholar talks about grey hair and female academics.  We are embracing ours.

CONGRATS to a gai shan life!!!

poor kitteh from thus spake zuska

so creepy from wayward classics

Wandering scientist asks for recs for early readers.  Also, comments include rants against keeping kids from learning so that school won’t be boring.  (Hint:  school will be boring anyway.)

Apparently against sustainable personal finance’s better judgment, we were included in this week’s carnival of personal finance.  Ze did change hir mind about the passive aggressive header in the end.  Maybe ze actually read the article and the logic convinced hir!  Hey, a dollar *is* worth more to me than to Bill Gates.  Or maybe ze just didn’t want to draw attention to the post.

3 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Leah Says:

    Granted, I’ve never seen this carnival before. I did belong to a science one back in the day. For the science one, we actually picked and chose articles from those submitted — we wouldn’t always publish every link. The idea was to keep the list short enough that folks wold actually read all the articles.

    For my part, I really disliked seeing the comments in red that made comments such as “I didn’t bother to read this.” Uh, why would you link something to your blog if you didn’t even look at it? That seems crazy to me. If you think it’s a bad article, why bother? I also love how the author complained about hosting previous carnivals in the darn introduction to the carnival. I know, cutting and pasting information someone emailed you takes so much darn time. Again, I’d rather read the articles, pick the ones that are good enough to make the cut, and share a juried carnival. As it appeared to me (though I might be wrong), this looks like a link fest for anyone who bothered to email the author.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Oh, we don’t mind the nature of the CPF; there are plenty of other personal finance carnivals that are more exclusive that we don’t bother with. The link that came back to us in the ping thingy had different words than the final one that went up. Which we thought was amusing. (Especially since the original comments were kind of sad in an anti-intellectual sort of way.)

  2. Rumpus Says:

    Re: comment 103 on working while going to school. I agree that anyone expecting to take a normal courseload in engineering have little time for other pursuits, and every semester when I call in failing students to meet me in my office they either claim family issues or they work and don’t have time to study. Curriculum hours are dropping, but I expect multiple semesters that are 17-18 hours…for example, an EE degree at UIUC takes 128 hours, which is 16 hours each semester for 8 semesters.

    A 16 hour semester implies 48 hours of work outside of class, for 54 hours of expected effort each week. Add in a 20 hour per week job and any socializing that they manage to fit in, and they end up sleep deprived, skipping classes, and not studying until the night before the exam. It’s definitely possible to hold down a job and get the degree, but it’s also the cause of so many failing grades.

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