How do you get excitement in your life?

Some folks need a little additional excitement in their lives.  We need to try new things on a regular basis or we get kind of bored.  Of course, that’s also balanced out with a strong risk aversion and ability to defer gratification.  Still, we get cabin fever.  We need thrills.

#1 Goes to the grocery store and buys ANYTHING SHE WANTS.  Anything!  When life is dull, she and her partner will dig out a relatively untouched cookbook and systematically go through all the recipes they haven’t tried, annotating the results.  If they lived in a larger more diverse metropolitan area, this would extend to trying new restaurants… unfortunately they’ve run out of those until some close and are replaced by others.

If she didn’t allow herself to go crazy with food, she would probably have to take up sky-diving or drag-racing.  Thank goodness for grocery stores and cookbooks.

#2 gets her excitement in life the same way unspoken fortune cookie phrases do.   Monogamously.

What do you do when you need excitement in your life?

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41 Responses to “How do you get excitement in your life?”

  1. feMOMhist Says:

    escape in my mind

  2. First Gen American Says:

    Learn something new. It can be a sport, or a skill or driving change somewhere. Learning something you know nothing about is a challenge and is exciting…til it’s not new anymore, then you have to move onto something else. I’m kind of a serial hobbyist. The good news is that you’ll never run out of things to try. Even within a hobby like cooking, there are sub niche’s like artisan bread baking and cheese making that could occupy you for an infinite amount of time.

    It must be the most boring thing in the world to be someone who doesn’t like learning.

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Combo: First, special magnificent cheese selections from our local cheesemonger. Second, …

  4. becca Says:

    It used to be Whitewater kayaking.
    Now I’ve got a two year old, which is often enough excitement in its own right.

  5. bardiac Says:

    Is it wrong that with #1’s grocery store extravaganza I immediately thought, “Nutella!!!!!”?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Nutella is NEVER wrong. (Unless you’re feeding it to someone allergic to hazelnuts or chocolate… then it’s kind of wrong.)

      • Rumpus Says:

        I have a jar of not-Nutella. I’m not sure about that. Is brand-name choco-hazelnut better? Hm, maybe that should be haz-alate? I probably need a taste-test here…maybe some focus groups.

  6. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    If it weren’t for grocery stores, I’d be a drug addict!

  7. Practical Parsimony Says:

    *Read something to learn more. The Ancient Engineers is right now teaching me how to make a catapult that will not have kickback. Could come in handy some day. At least I won’t be killed by kickback.
    *Eat too much chocolate. It keeps me up all night. Now, that is exciting.
    *Or, random things–last week I got 13 free pumpkins from a food bank that cannot give them away to most people. Then I got 5 more.
    *That was something new I learned–torn rotator cuff must be mended before I can do this without pain. Now, that is exciting!
    *Come upon a really good yard sale.

    • femmefrugality Says:

      I read, too! I also write. It makes me realize all the things in my life that really are spectacular. I’ve just allowed myself to get bored with them and take them for granted. Or I just try to get out in the world and let it surprise me.

    • Rumpus Says:

      Ooh, ancient engineers. Sounds like a neat book. I’ve always wondered about how they managed to do all sorts of things.

  8. Linda Says:

    Like FGA, I try to learn something new via reading, volunteering, or trying a new hobby. I also research vacations/places to visit and topics of interest to me. Learning new ways to live more sustainably/use less resources is always a topic of interest; researching cars is something I’ve been making time to do over the last year since I’ll need to get a different car within the next few years. (Unless car sharing comes to my neighborhood…oh please oh please oh please!)

    I like #2’s approach to excitement, too. I’m so glad the BF is now living in the same house as me. ;-)

  9. Alyssa Says:

    Definitely taking a class and learning something new! DH and I also like to talk BIG – where we’d love to move, where to travel, what we want to do to the house, etc., and then try to come up with a plan to achieve it.

    • Practical Parsimony Says:

      Taking a class is the most exciting thing I can do. I took chair caning, upholstery, lingerie construction, lots of things. Then, when I turned 60, tuition was free. So, after two BAs and an MA, I went back and took classes just to be in an exciting atmosphere, learn, and take notes, and tests…all so invigorating.

  10. Dr. Dad, PhD Says:

    I’m not sure if this really qualifies as excitement, but if you consider stress-management exciting (like I do)….

    In any case, I recently (as in last night) decided to de-stress by picking up my guitar. Mind you I’ve never taken a lesson and my talents can best be described as either “raw” or “developing,” but my kids and I got a kick out of me playing the few 3-chord songs I knew. But I knew enough to set down the guitar before I drove my wife crazy with me working on scales or improvising (she likens it to nails on a chalkboard, while I think it sounds good….)

    After 30 minutes I walked away invigorated. Mission accomplished.

  11. Debbie M Says:

    I’m not a fan of excitement.

    However, if you’re just defining it as the opposite of boredom (of which I am also not a fan), then:
    * new books (currently enjoying _Among Whales_)
    * new movies (most recent favorite movie: “Attack the Block”–what if aliens landed … in the hood?)
    * new TV shows (currently catching up on “Eureka.” And keeping up with “Castle.”)
    * trying new touristy stuff (most recent favorite: Segway tour of my own city)
    * parties (met someone today who’s getting married three times: once in her and her fiance’s town in the US, once in her family’s town in Mexico, and once in his family’s town in India; just learned it’s time to get ready for another informal recital–I’m hoping to make them cry their eyes out with “1947” this time)
    * making dessert (I have homemade chocolate chip cookies here right now. Oh yeah.)
    * singing/dancing along to songs I like

    Those are the major ones. After I retire (please, oh please, soon), there will be a lot more auditing of classes, making of stuff, tutoring of students (public school math), learning Spanish–and trying it out in the wild, and throwing my own parties.

  12. Leah Says:

    It’s obviously been far too long since I had time/energy for excitement (unless maybe going back to grad school counts?). When I need a little bit of excitement, I try to do something new and different for me. I go dancing, or I seek out a new art class. I do like cooking new recipes. And sometimes I take my neighbor’s dog for a walk.

    When I had less going on in life, I used to travel and do all sorts of crazy outdoor activities. I look forward to someday doing that again.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Apparently you also do zany things like getting engaged!

      • Leah Says:

        haha, yes, that is quite zany. I even proposed to him! I guess wedding planning is a whole lot of excitement. I can’t wait for that to be done. Oh, wait, I do get some traveling out of this thing — we are going to Hawai’i next summer. There we go. I will travel and adventure again!

  13. Revanche Says:

    Nooo, no thank you, I don’t go in search of excitement. As much as possible, I claim time to stay home with the crazy Doggle and I feed us and that’s all the brain I have. I do like traveling but only because I love eating yummy foods and other countries have them.

  14. Cloud Says:

    My favorite way to add excitement to my life is to travel. Even a short little weekend trip to somewhere close by will do it for me.

    Since having kids, we don’t have the time off to travel as much, and I get itchy feet I’m still trying to figure out how to solve that!

    I’ve also been seriously daydreaming about adding a lot of excitement by trying to start my own company (not in my current field). That hasn’t progressed far, since I like money and my job pays well. But I am slowly coming up with a plan that will let me test the waters on this front- which does keep me interested.

  15. Molly (Mike and Molly's House) Says:

    Once a week I go hiking with my super-bestie. The hike is tough and takes 3 hours. During that time we talk A LOT! Each week we come up with a new fangled idea or challenge for our daily lives. This is what keeps things fresh. This realization came when I watched at a dinner party my 12 year old tell a story to another one of my friends about her mom and nutty friend that are always trying out new things: facial exercises for 30 days, standing at the computer so their organs don’t get compressed, the 30 day honey cleanser challenge, drinking warm milk and turmeric to help memory loss,…I was laughing really hard until I realized she was talking about me!

  16. chacha1 Says:

    When I get to feeling stifled by the myriad responsibilities of working wife, I schedule a ballroom competition for us. There is nothing like having a deadline to amp up some adrenalin, and competing is a HUGE rush. Also, associated fun: costume & hair & false eyelashes, oh my.

  17. BigLittleWolf Says:

    Oh, what a delightful topic!

    My “thrills” lately? Virtual shoe shopping at 3 a.m. when the brain is churning and I surrender to any attempts to stop it. You can pick out anything you please when you window shop online… utterly delightful and relaxing – and free!

    Other than that, I’ve been chuckling at a recent moniker a friend gave me – as a Utopian with a thing for fine footwear… I like the title. (I especially like the virtual footwear.)


  18. MutantSupermodel Says:

    I’m a Chronic Furniture Arranger.

  19. Practical Parsimony Says:

    I must be extremely dull, because the furniture in this room has not been rearranged since 1981. The room has an 8′ picture window and five doors, so once something is put where it will go, nothing is moved. I have upgraded all the tables and lamps, thrown out a sofa and chair, worn to death, for another, less worn chair and sofa from another room: (new sofa–1967) (new chair–1971) If I go suddenly blind, I won’t have to wonder where things are. Finals weeks, I always sat on the furniture and rewrote all my notes. I never studied.

  20. Sugel Says:

    There’s something super satisfying about pulling out all the unused vegetables you have in the fridge the night before your next grocery shop and throwing them together with whatever else you you dig out of the pantry. We do this often, and on the menu this week was a lentil and sweet potato “lasagne” with a bunch of veggies, tomato pasta sauce and a sprinkling of cheese on top. Yum!

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