Even more Googled questions

The internet is full of curious people.  Here’s some who wound up at the wrong place.  We’ll answer them anyway.

Q:  what do you do when you are better than your parents

A:  Either be thankful that you’re living the American dream, or realize you’re a jerk and get a reality check.

Q:  why would a family want a rss feed

A:  To drive traffic to their blog?  To disseminate content?  So everybody can coo over their baby pictures?

Q:  when sour cream spoils it turns ? color

A:  The answer depends on where you are in the country.  In the midwest, generally green.  East coast, you’ll have your blues and greys.  In the South (moving West to Los Angeles), red seems to be favored.  Wild starter bread will also taste different.  We miss our graduate school starter.  The one we started after we moved was far too sour and we haven’t tried again.

Q:  what do you fell when your paper got scooped

A:  Trees.  Lots of trees.

Q:  can a man be in denial over having small penis?

A:  Yes.

Q:  started metformin, when can i ramp up

A:  From what I understand, you can ramp up once your stomach can handle it.  (Standard:  Talk to your doctor, which I am not, disclaimer.)

Q:  ibtp where is it?

A:  The patriarchy is all around.  Blaming the patriarchy is all around.  The website is here.

Q:  why cheaters apologize and then leave

A:  Because you’re lucky!

Q:  job security or follow your dream?

A:  Little from column A, little from column B.  It’s all about the compensating differentials.

Q:  how to be clever?

A:  You need to build up your (figurative) brain muscle.  Read more.  Think more, even if it hurts.


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2 Responses to “Even more Googled questions”

  1. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    And write more! Like a blogge!

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