Link Love

Leight PF discusses whether or not it’s ok if your house depreciates in value.

The tightrope with some more discussion about this whole Nature being misogynistic thing.  I’m disappointed with how Nature appears to be doubling down on the misogyny as if it is their God Given right to put women in their place, and yet people are letting the issue drop.  It’s not our field, but it’s also not the kind of thing we want spreading to other professions.  Another good collection of the obnoxious comment tropes by Janet Stemwedel.  Yes, we seem less than patient when trying to explain for the Nth time because N is a very large number.

What has stayed in the news is the pepper spraying of students at UC Davis.  We totally stole this link from ianqui.  Hilarious amazon reviews of pepper spray.

Scalzi’s daughter has an awesome shirt.  Also our cat hasn’t done this with a lamp yet, but that’s probably about the only thing she hasn’t done it to.

Play fight repeat discusses one of our favorite books, Mindset.

Walking octopus explained by scientific american.

It’s like the people who make kitteh items don’t have kittehs.  In what world would this actually work?  (And how did they get the cats to stay long enough to take pictures?)

FT magazine with libraries of writers.

As always, we love CPP and his insightful commentary.

Also check out the links to the side for a new Simon’s Cat video!  Now including kitten!

19 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Thanks for the mention! :)

  2. Comrade PhysioProf Says:

    The dissonance between Pharynguloid assertions to “revere women”, to be “on your side”, to be “feminists”, etc, and the reality of their overwhelming ignorance of the basics of feminist theory is remarkable. You’d think skeptics would want to learn what feminism is before they go spouting off about it.

  3. Dr. Virago Says:

    My kitteh would have loved that box. She loved boxes, period. But come to think of it, she wasn’t one to get up on the desk — she preferred my lap or a warm spot in the sun.

  4. Rumpus Says:

    Nice links.

  5. Revanche Says:

    I think I just lost about 1.5 or 5 hours of my life reading up on the Nature thing. *blink* How did I miss that? An eff-up of that proportion on their part should have crossed my radar. Thank goodness for your links, and how I love my bloggy world for crossing over to bring that debacle up.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      It hasn’t been getting much publicity. I don’t understand why not.

      • Revanche Says:

        Is it wrong of me to ask: Do not any of the scientists participating in this debate not work with press officers in their institution? If they did, handing this over to said press officers en masse should generate some kind of widespread, real-public, publicity. Generally the journal can’t suppress that sort of publicity as long as journalists are willing to pick up the story but it can certainly fail to hand the story to the press which it would most certainly do in this case.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        It’s not wrong of you to ask! But I don’t really know about the press officers. At our school the press officer only cares about bringing honor and glory to our school via press releases. But one would think they could let mass media know. One would think the Chronicle of Higher Education would have picked this up by now! Or Inside Higher Ed.

  6. A. L. Says:

    re. *womanspace :
    just my2cents/meta-reflections : as a non USian i found a post on a soc. feminist-community-blog i usually read (this is the post :
    then i started reading everything posted with Jacquelyn Gill – where/via i also/found your blog (yay)
    imho, many/lots of “outlets” have not picked this up because … (pls. fill in your mega-thoughts. after all, this is imho
    1. november and 2. the US-thanksgiving-weekend)
    and many other/women have not blogged about this because imho there is 1. a continuing “bias” in applied-/sciences (aka “bad science” or “The System” called e.g. kyriarchy, heteronormativity, androcentricism – name it as y like) and
    2. many women would simply commit soc. professional suicide when/if they take a clear/outspoken position also/ in this case.
    (i e.g. followed/meta-analysed *Gabby-gate, *Elevatorgate and now *Womanspace – apart from *Fukushima // of course // )
    as a non-USian i am not familiar with AWIS – fyi :

  7. A. L. Says:

    > They issued a statement and everything, IIRC. <

    @nicoleand maggie :
    1. may i ask which *statement you mean/refer to ?
    2. it was absolutely not my intention to discredit e.g. randi or TAM or what-/who-ever.
    // and yeah *right this "statement-issuing" leads women where ? //
    (just me analyzing-and-observing-very-closely.
    as far as i know from past 20+ yrs experience : *IRL-action is the only thing that counts)

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