Googled Questions Revealed!

Oh internet, what would you do without our wisdom?  Here’s answers to things you didn’t know but wanted to.

Q:  how to get rid of all your stuff and travel

A:  Wow, you really came to the wrong blog.  You will have to pry our filled bookcases out of our cold dead hands.  We recommend checking out ramble-crunch’s blog instead.

Q:  can hoa inspect indoor cat

A:  We hope not.  That’s the kind of thought that almost makes us support the NRA.

Q:  i wonder what else can do if don’t talk about food

A:  sex?  eat? um…. music?  I guess if you’re from the midwest you can spend a lot of time talking about the weather.

Q:  are all academics crazy?

A:  No.  But a lot of them do seem to be, eh?

Q:  do people not work as hard after tenure

A:  Ask us again in a couple of years and we’ll let you know!  (If we’re lucky.)

Q:  do people who live in a igloo have morgages

A:  They pay for everything with cold hard cash.  HAHAHAHA.

Q:  how to get out of debt with a minimum wage job

A:  Try to get promoted or to find another job where you make more money.  Stay away from check cashing places– their short-term loans will keep you in debt the rest of your life.  Other than that, beans and rice, rice and beans… find cheap food.  Get on whatever government programs you are eligible for.  Call all your debt places and bargain down for lower interest rates.  Read Dave Ramsey.

Q:  how to stop feeling guilty catholic

A:  We’re still working on this one!

Q:  arguments for locking up pregnant women

A:  Where do you people COME from??!?!  The internet is a scary scary place.

Q:  should i feel bad for having a nicer car than my parents?

A:  Why?

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5 Responses to “Googled Questions Revealed!”

  1. Jacq Says:

    LOL, good post.
    On the minimum wage thing, I’d focus on the housing since that’s usually the biggest expense. Roommates. That’s what I did anyway. Stay away from owning a vehicle as long as you can if you can. But definitely #1 is move past minimum wage. If you’re still getting paid minimum wage and are over 20 there’s something you need to do about that. At least there’s nowhere to go but up. Well, except for unemployment.

  2. Rumpus Says:

    All the academics I know spend a lot of time working on things alone. We’re like modern-day hermits. My office is practically even a cave. I just need people to come to me seeking wisdom and I’m all set. Maybe they can bring me offerings. Not that I would eat them. The offerings that is. I certainly wouldn’t eat the wisdom-seekers, that might hurt my reputation.

  3. femmefrugality Says:

    This is fantastic. I now really feel the need to find out if you have to pay a mortgage on an igloo. There’s gotta be some nice ones.

  4. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Locking up pregnant women…


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