Googled Questions answered

Q:  does taxes take out alot with a second job?

A:  Whether it is a second job or more hours at the first job, or just an increasing income, as your income goes up your marginal tax rate goes up if you change tax brackets.  Basically you will still be paying the same taxes you were at the first job, but if your second job pushes you from the 15% tax bracket to the 25% tax bracket, then each dollar made after the last dollar in the 15% tax bracket will be taxed at 25% rather than 15%.  So, let’s assume you’re single.  If your first job pays you 30K/year (AGI), then your tax rate on your second job will not increase until you’ve hit $35,350 (the ceiling for the 15% rate).  The first $5,350 at your second job will be at the 15% rate and each dollar made after that will be at the 25% rate.  Does that make sense?  (There will also be Social Security etc., but that’s a little more complicated.)

alternate answer:  Yes.  Or, no.  Define alot.

Q: do you say he or it for government?

A:  You say she or it.  Your choice. (or We, comrade.)

Q:  what does the term even john who does not usually like that mushy stuff

A:  Yeah, we’ve got no clue on this one.

Q:  do all professors receive summer support

A:  I wish

Q:  what kind of christmas gift to i get my useless brother-in-law

A:  You don’t have to get him anything.  If there will be severe negative repercussions for not getting him anything, then just get him a gift certificate someplace like Amazon or iTunes.  It doesn’t really matter.

Q:  is money an ok gift for brother in law

A:  Depends on the brother-in-law.  Some people don’t like money as gifts, some people don’t like gift cards, and some people prefer money to gift cards or gifts.  We tend to give money to people who have immediate monetary needs (accident, purchasing a house, wanting to pay off consumer debt etc.) and we want to help them with their goals.

alternate answer:  sure, why not, it’s easier than shopping.

Q:  he owes me money should i just take it out of paypal?

A:  Let him know you’re doing it shortly after the fact.  And make sure he doesn’t have access to your account.

Q:  how to tell person you do not like their gift

A:  Hey-o.  Unless they are being intentionally offensive (say, donating to Right to Life when they know you’re a Planned Parenthood supporter), then you don’t.

Q:  whats a good starting sentence for telepictionary

A:  Any sentence is a good starting sentence for telepictionary (aka Eat Poop You Cat).  The best are the ones that make sense at the beginning, because they’re the most hilarious at the end.  Starting with something nonsensical just doesn’t have quite the same punch.

Q:  do artists make bad spouses?

A:  According to my happily-married-to-artists colleagues, no.  They’re also highly portable and thus make excellent trailing spouses.

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6 Responses to “Googled Questions answered”

  1. bogart Says:

    Hmmm. I think a portability index for spouses could be very useful. People could share it while on the marriage market to indicate their prospects. You know, SWF (PI=4/10) seeks SWM for pina coladas, gettin’ caught in the rain, possible LTR. Only those with PI>6 need apply. Then we could develop a background checking service that would verify the PI, make our fortunes, and have a PI of 10/10.

  2. rented life Says:

    However artists are spouses means that their supplies can be pricey. But they’re great—they see things different, and are full of ideas an inspiration. At least my husband is!

  3. femmefrugality Says:

    Ohhh! I love these posts! Always look forward to them. It’s amazing how many people dislike their brother-in-laws.

  4. Rumpus Says:

    Last time I played Telepictionary the phrase “Giant ants stole my baby” successfully worked its way around the table without changing.

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