Simple Pleasures

It’s one of the wonders of human nature how the absence of unpleasantness is usually not noticed, but can bring so much happiness when it is preceded by unpleasantness.  Even water fountain water can be ambrosial when you’re suffering from thirst, and there’s a reason they say hunger is the best spice.

I would just like to say that:

  • Being in an air filtered room after suffering from allergies is wonderful.
  • The clouds lifting after having caused an air pressure headache is a great thing.
  • Brown rice noodles in hot and sour soup (made with real chicken stock!) when you haven’t had a noodle for months (because they’re either wheat which makes you throw up or a refined grain which is bad for the baby given your messed up endocrine system) and you’ve been suffering from afore-mentioned allergies… can lead to satiated happiness and absence of pain.

Of course, I would much prefer to take things for granted, but right now I am full of happiness and a feeling of generosity for my fellow humans.  Just because for the first time in days I don’t feel like crap-onna-stick.  And maybe I’ll be able to add a bullet point about having completed a tonne of work-related brainless errands that have built up by the end of the day.  Go crossing inane service and teaching things off the to-do list!

11 Responses to “Simple Pleasures”

  1. Dame Eleanor Hull Says:

    My simple pleasure these days is tea. I am not supposed to have caffeine. But starting last summer, if I get up early enough, I allow myself a small cup of tea, made with loose leaves so I can make sure there’s less caffeine than if I made it with a bag. I gradually increased from a tiny pinch to enough tea for a decent small cup. Oh the difference it makes. I feel so much more clear-headed and energetic (at least for a few hours!), and it tastes so good. Ten early-morning minutes with a cup of tea and the newspaper or blogs, and I feel that life is good.
    So yay brown-rice noodles!

  2. Cloud Says:


    Totally different reason, but… the first cheeseburger I had after several months traveling around Asia was DELICIOUS. Not sure if it would have been if I’d had it in normal circumstances!

  3. bogart Says:


    And yes.

  4. First gen american Says:

    I love a hot shower after a long camping trip. That and a hot meal after eating nothing but granola and jerky for 2 days.

  5. rented life Says:

    A real meal after days of “fix your own,” a drink after midterms (I’m counting on that one this weekend), Indian food after living 8 months in the land of no Indian food (which I used to eat twice a month)–also occuring this weekend. I cannot wait.

  6. undinenotofgeneralinterest Says:

    Those noodles sounded delicious. Mine right now: Sitting in my own house at my own desk for a change.

  7. MutantSupermodel Says:

    That moment when you fall on your bed after sleeping in other beds for an extended period of time…

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