• Dear Etrade, You SUCK.  WTH does it take you until Feb 15th to get tax forms out when everybody else under the sun seems to be able to get them out by Jan 31?  Every year we’re closer to moving our stuff away from you to Vanguard… if only it weren’t such a hassle to  change providers for non-IRA things.
  • Also:  conference people with the reimbursement for travel thing… why on earth did you send us a 1099-MISC?  Now I have to fill out a contractor form thingy so my business expenses cancel out the reimbursement.  (Or rather, DH gets to…)
  • Dear ex-doctor, If you are going to tell a lie, make sure the person you’re about to lie to cannot hear every word you’ve been saying behind that closed door for the past 40 min.  (As in, no, you were not delivering a baby, you were chatting about your upcoming weekend trip.  And when your nurse told you patients were complaining, I could hear you say, “Whatever.  Just tell them I was delivering a baby– it’s true, I did deliver one [before the clinic opened in the morning].”)  Back to Dr. #1 for whom I regularly wait 3 hours but she doesn’t lie about why.
  • DC finally worked back to, “How do the two half cells get together to make a baby to begin with?  Do you know, mommy?”  I was all, um… many ways.  Then ze said, “Tell me just one then.”  So I explained how monitored clomid-IUIs worked, though mentioned that was not how either ze or ze’s future sibling came to be.  Then we talked about miscarriages and unexplained bleeding, which was somehow less awkward.  [Related:  this is also why I haven’t been able to watch the last season of Big Bang Theory even though I got it on DVD for Christmas.]
  • I’m bored of articles telling me I’m supposed to feel guilty and that I can’t have it all.  Whatever that means.  Obviously I’m just more awesome than the people writing those articles.  Blah blah blah angst.  At least we write articles about feeling angst about different things.  Like Sondheim.
  • When I whine that I want something silly, my partner says he wants a pony.  What he forgets is that we no longer live in a city and one day I could totes show up with a pony.  Then he would have to take care of it.  And we would have a pony.  Be careful what you wish for…
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26 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Pamela Says:

    Have you ever noticed these articles don’t go on and on about how men can’t have it all? It’s just focused on the ladies.

    Also, I totally think you should show up at the house with a pony. THAT WOULD BE EPIC.

  2. Money Beagle Says:

    Ameritrade did the same thing, they mentioned that it was something to do with new reporting regulations, so I’m guessing some tax code didn’t get passed by Congress until the very last minute (I know, hard to imagine, right?) and as a result, it delayed the processing of information accordingly.

  3. Cloud Says:

    Etrade used to be awesome. They used to have great interest rates. Now they suck. We are starting to move our money away from them, too, but they are the stock program provider for my husband’s company- so we’re sort of stuck with them. They don’t suck as bad as the stock program provider for my former company, though, who sucked so bad I’ve forgotten the name.

    I hate those articles telling me I can’t have it all, too. Sometimes I reply that I’m not trying to have it all. Just two or three things. For instance, I don’t have a pony. Or pretty manicured toenails. But I do have a job and a family, and I’m pretty happy and so is everyone else in my family and so is my boss. So there.

  4. bogart Says:

    When as I kid I would whine about wanting something, my mother would say, “Well, I want to be the queen of England!” Which for the record I suspect isn’t as good as having a pony (though not mutually exclusive), but also less likely to be sprung on one (Grumpy DH take note). But then when I had for some time been trying to teach DS (~2.5 y.o.?) that we do not just declare what we want but ask nicely, and at an age when he was still (oh the horror!) drinking warm milk out of a bottle (actually he did that for a long, long time since I am the sort of mother who blithely assumes — correctly in this case as it turns out — that he will cease such a thing when he is ready and before going to college) and he said, “I want milk in bottle!” [sic] and I replied, “Well, I want to be the queen of England!” he without missing a beat said, “I want to the be the queen of England with milk in bottle!” So that’s become something of a classic in our household.

    • rented life Says:

      That is super awesome.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      We have a bit of a double standard at Casa Grumpy1… I totally go, “I’m thirsty” and a drink magically appears in front of me. But when DC tries the same thing, we say, “That’s interesting,” or “What are you going to do about that?”

      I’m totes spoiled. But it’s better being a spoiled adult than a spoiled child. :) [More on this in a future deliberately controversial post.]

      • bogart Says:

        Yes, I like, “I see,” or, “Do you need my help?” (Less for the water issue than for some others, but along the same rough lines). I might even offer, “Would you like me to get you a drink?” but only a “yes please” from the DC then gets the desired result. I’ll await the controversy to see/share where I stand more generally on this issue.

  5. rented life Says:

    There’s some Kmart commercial (I think it’s them) where the wife says she wants a particular patio set and the husband says “well, I want a pony.”

    I’m tired of all meaning kids and job. Some of us don’t want/can’t have that kind of all and are perfectly ok with it but if you admit that people either feel sorry for you if you can’t have kids or certain you’ll change your mind if you don’t want kids or offer tons of silly medical advice on how to get something you didn’t wantt o begin with. (And if it’s job related? too often I’ve heard “well you’ll never be able to do that, you don’t have the right degree, training, etc.” In other words: I can’t envision life moving in any path other than this.)

    • Debbie M Says:

      Wow, for me having it all means NOT having to have kids and NOT having to have a job. Also, not having to be religious. I love this culture that lets me do that (at least by the time my pension kicks in).

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Definitely! (Still working on the not having to have a job part though…)

      • rented life Says:

        For now, having a job is necessary, but this idea of a “career” is too much pressure for me. I need to work to support what I really want to do (write). But people get shocked when “a bright young girl” like me doesn’t have major career aspirations that they have. (Being a writer is not a career in some people’s minds.)

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        Your Money or Your Life does a really good job of separating our jobs, what we do to make money, from what we do with our lives.

  6. anandi Says:

    I think “having it all” is such an ambiguous phrase – one person’s “all” is different from the next, so who the f* is going to tell me what that means for *ME* and that I can’t have it?! Ick.

    OMG, I would have given that dr a piece of my mind. I *hate* having to wait – either they are available for my appt time or they aren’t, and the office should call and tell me that. I often call ahead to see if they’re running on schedule or not because I don’t want to waste my time. My time is not less valuable than theirs. Totally a pet peeve of mine. And that is why I ditched my first OB.

  7. Leigh Says:

    Ugh on late tax forms! I didn’t get mine from Vanguard Brokerage Services until February 20th or so, the point that I didn’t realize I was going to get one from them (I assumed Vanguard sent out one for both sides) and if I hadn’t been going on vacation just before that, I would have already filed my taxes.

    Haha, you should totally borrow a pony from a friend one day after your partner says that he wants a pony and see what he says :)

  8. Molly (Mike and Molly's House) Says:

    Sparkle pony!
    I’m watching too much Portlandia and not enough Downtown Abbey!

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