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We’re moving a bit slowly this week due to the time change.

and remember, this is for science, so, be honest.

and remember, this is for science, so, be honest.

Femomhist discusses the family dynamics of chores.  Also her son is a specific kind of profoundly gifted that has its own challenges… if you know stuff could you give her some info… I know her son, though rare, is not unique in how he thinks, but I can’t remember much more about it (vague memories of a book that was really into the PG, HG, etc. labeling talking about how important it is to get a good tester for these gifted tests because some kids answer like her son did).

Assnard.  By Scalzi.

We were in this week’s carnival of personal finance.

Donna Freedman talks about some of her darker past and getting past it.

Scattered and Random with a powerful post about her own past and how things have changed, for the better.

CNN on cookies and Hillary Clinton.

I thought I was the only one who read this book!   Of course, I read it several years ago, but I loves me some Hugh Laurie. I agree with the reviewer.


Neil Gaiman on writer’s block.

Big ups to Glenn W. Smith: Where the Boys Aren’t.

8 Responses to “link love”

  1. Donna Freedman Says:

    Thanks for the linkage. And oooohhhhh, I have a DARKER PAST. Never thought of it that way. Thanks!

  2. feMOMhist (@feMOMhist) Says:

    thanks for the link love!

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    I have no idea why, but I’ve never experienced writer’s block. Does it really feel like you physically cannot get words down on the page?

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I don’t know. I haven’t experienced it either. Maybe for creative writing class, but I always muddled through with something crappy.

    • rented life Says:

      that’s kind of how it feels. For writing fiction–for me–it’s like, ok I know I have these people, I have these scenes that I’ve already written but the story is going nowhere. OR I can’t fill in the gaps (How did they get from A to B?) There’s literally nothing there to write down. Sometimes I can’t even visualize my characters.

      I’ve never had this with academic writing.

  4. rented life Says:

    LOVE the daylight savings pic.

    Ok, I tried to post that and wordpress said I’m posting comments too quickly and I need to slow down. um, what?

  5. bogart Says:

    Ups to Glenn Smith indeed. I recently heard one of the Republican candidates (Romney or Santorum, can ‘t remember) speaking on the current brouhaha and their position on it and whoever it was, was trying to sound sane, reasonable, and balanced, but used the phrase, “… female contraception … .” Really? Because I have never, not once, needed to use a contraceptive product for contraceptive purposes when there wasn’t a male involved.

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