• I am a tired gal today after scooping poop for an hour.
  • Scooping horsie poop is better than dealing with student excrement.
  • Stupid D. Waited until after I cleaned his stall to poop again. Sigh. It’s like diapers — never done.
  • I think I might have sat in baby lamb poop.
  • I declare Thursday the Day Of Poop.
  • Mr. Man is the horsie I always ride. I think about him a lot.  Even though sometimes he’s a cranky old man.  He’s in his late 20s.  But he is a very good horse. His experience means it’s ok that I don’t know what I’m doing (-:
  • I don’t know what I’m doing when I go over a jump.  I hope I get to do that tomorrow again.
  • Last week I cantered him bareback through the mud, while not losing a dollar tucked under my butt. Good times.
  • Cantering bareback is kinda scary. Although not really more scary than a fast trot bareback.  Mr. Man likes to trot faster rather than canter, if he thinks you’ll let him. Naughty.
  • Memo to self, remember to bring carrot pieces for treats.
  • The first time you trot bareback is a scary experience.
  • Bareback really improves how you sit on the horse, and how well you communicate with it.
  • I gotta get there extra early tomorrow and groom Mr. Man a lot. In this warm weather he’ll be shedding like a mofo.  Winter coat coming off; neck needing skritches!  He scratches his chin on whatever wall or post is handy: stall door, his own hoof, etc… Also he likes to be rubbed harder than almost all the other horses. Skritcha skritcha.  I think at least partly because his fur is so thick!
  •  Memo to self: important: do not touch other horses that hard.  Especially not the thoroughbreds. they will stave in your pate.  (Not really, but they get twitchy.)
  • I think that Mr. Man is a Morgan. I have been spending some time on Wikipedia reading up.  He’s pretty small for a horse, really. Which is reassuring since I keep falling off him… thunk
  • I haven’t fallen off for like 3-4 weeks now! I kinda thought I might fall off if I tried to canter bareback, but then some 10-year-olds did it, so I had to try, too. It was fine. (-:
  • Stupid 10-year-olds making me look bad (-:

5 Responses to “RBOHorsies!!!”

  1. Linda Says:

    Scooping horsie poop is better than dealing with any bullshit people try to foist on you. I love the smell of stables: the horse sweat, the manure, the urine, the leather tack. It’s all so good. Currying and brushing horsies is relaxing. Picking their feet is not.

    I briefly tried to riding lessons as an adult a couple years ago. I wasn’t able to muster the dedication and time needed at the time. And it is pricy, too. I’d have to make some financial adjustments in my life that I’m not sure I want to make. But I can definitely relate to your horsie joy. :-)

  2. bogart Says:

    Yay to everything, especially cantering bareback. And yes, at least at the barn we can call the poop what it is.

    Darn those 10-year olds. It’s not fair, they bounce!

  3. MutantSupermodel Says:

    This is amazing! I want to go with you.

  4. Trish Says:

    I have learned to ride as an adult, and it is difficult. I do 4 wkly sessions at the gym to be able to ride my beast. And I don’t think I would ever canter bareback, but I’m probably older than you (my favorite go-to copout line). I have been beaten at shows by many a 12 yr old, but it’s the ones who leave the arena crying after a less than stellar ride that get me. I think to myself – at least I have my mortgage paid off, or at least I still have my job.

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