Google Q&A

Q:  what will show up on the final exam

A:  Material that we have covered throughout the semester.

Q:  is it okay to ask coworkers to buy stuff from school fundraiser

A:  Only if you hate them.  (Note:  this does not apply to girlscout cookie fundraisers.)

Q:  what do you do when you move to midwest and realize you hate it.

A:  Make plans to move out.  Also:  buy down.  As in comforters, coats etc.

Q:  can a second job that pays minimum wage really make a difference

A:  If it keeps you from accumulating more debt because you’re too tired to shop, it sure can.

Q:  why do people make smilies like “)

A:  I believe that is what we call, “unclear on the concept”

Q:  should children come first

A:  If you’re a traditionalist, the order is:  1.  Love, 2.  Marriage, 3. baby in carriage.  (Step 0:  Tree sitting and kissing.)  However, plenty of single parents are doing great so love and child could come concurrently (in this case, love for said child).

Q:  do you make young children do things they dont want to do

A:  Ayup.

Q:  should people be told how to spend their money

A:  The people who should be told probably won’t listen, so there’s not much point.

Q:  if my house is paid off do i still have to have homeowners insurance

A:  No (or at least not usually– check your state and local ordinances), but you probably should anyway unless you wouldn’t have a problem if you lost everything.

Q:  is it bad to eat a little bit of nacho chips and cheese sauce during pregnancy ?

A:  Only if you’re seriously allergic!  Also:  if you lean towards gestational diabetes or insulin resistance you would want to lay off the chips during the first trimester and only have a little third trimester.  A little bit second trimester should be fine.  Go heavy on the cheese sauce to, you know, balance things.

10 Responses to “Google Q&A”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Go heavy on the cheese sauce to, you know, balance things.

    As a professional physiologist, I can assure you that the bad effects of any sort of unhealthy food can be counterbalanced and rendered healthy by cheese.

  2. rented life Says:

    I love your answer to the second Q. I used to work at a place where nearly everyone sent their kids to private schools. Raffle tickets, bad candy (I never bought that), wrapping paper (don’t get that one) and other random things that I felt forced to look though even though I had no desire to buy anything…I hated it.

    • Leah Says:

      It’s not just limited to private schools. I am student teaching, and it seems like every sports team has a fundraiser. I got hit up for stuff so often.

      • rented life Says:

        When I was in HS we sold frozen pizza…that was actually really successful. Some of the other fundraiser I just don’t understand. Sports and music probably do teh most (at any schoo) because they’re always losing funding..

  3. femmefrugality Says:

    So this might be total BS but when I was pregnant I read in this pregnancy magazine that eating cheese while you’re pregnant is good for you; that your body gets all the good cholesterol and somehow blocks all the bad cholesterol via your hormones or something. So pile on the cheese sauce, indeed.

  4. Kelly Damian Says:

    This is really funny. I’m a teacher, so of course I loved the first question. This is my first time on your blog. Love it!

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