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Not of General Interest discusses academic bloggers cutting down or cutting out and why.  It inspires an interesting question that we may discuss in the future of why do people blog in the first place? is being very nice telling me what I can make with ingredients I have

Mike and Molly review their getting out of debt story.

An interview with eemusings by cordelia quits.

Karifur’s mom is pretty badass.

A Gai Shan Life is inspirational.

Recently there was a story in the news about financial and other misdeeds by Iberian Royalty.  Since then I’ve had this stuck in my head:

9 Responses to “Link Love”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    It inspires an interesting question that we may discuss in the future of why do people blog in the first place?

    That is an interesting question.

    I started bloggeing because I was steadily commenting on some academic science and political blogges starting in 2007, and three things happened. First, DrugMonkey asked me to become a co-blogger on his WordPress blogge, and in order to do so, I had to sign up for a WordPress account. Second, Driftglass lifted one of my comments to his blogge and published it as a post. Third, Driftglass and his commenters hectored me to start bloggeing on my own–pushing me out of the nest, as they put it.

    I keep bloggeing because I am a performer at heart, and I love having an influence on what people think and do. I even enjoy it immensely when people come to my blogge and leave comments telling me how much it suckes complete total asse and is a disgrace to bloggeing or whatever. I also love mentoring, and from an academia/science standpoint, a lot of my bloggeing and commenting is of a mentoring nature.

  2. Why Blogge? | Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    […] Nicole and Maggie today raise the perennial–but still quite interesting–question of why one would choose to blogge. […]

  3. jacqjolie Says:

    For academics…
    For people who are addicted to blogging, there’s a 12 step program for that…
    And one more link just to be able to go into moderation and waste your time…

  4. Mike & Molly (@MandMHouse) Says:

    Thanks for the link ladies!
    After blogging for about a year I felt completely uninspired yet I wanted to continue…hmmmm. After about 6 months of sulking and whining I got Mike involved and we started our new site- it cracked open a whole lot of inspiration for the both of us.
    We too need to do our ‘cutting down’ post. Our site has turned into a great platform to jump into our community and get more involved but we are finding we can’t do it all!

  5. Cloud Says:

    I’d enjoy a “why do people blog?” post! I have an oldish post answering the question for me:

    Those reasons are still largely true for me. But my reasons have evolved with time, and I imagine they will keep evolving. I think the one constant is that I like to write and don’t have much call to write for my job, so blogging scratches that itch.

    I’ve never had a formal goal for my blog, and never felt any pressure to write with any regularity. I figure if people get bored with me, they’ll just go away, and that is fine. To me, the risk that I might start feeling pressured to keep my numbers up is one of the biggest reasons I haven’t gone all out on attempting to make money from my blog. I like it as a hobby- I am not sure I’d like it as part of my job.

  6. Dr. Koshary Says:

    I haven’t seen a reference to “King of Spain” in *dog years*. Fun bit of nostalgia from my high school days!

  7. Revanche Says:

    Thank ye kindly for the link!

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