• This kerfuffle with the GSA spending seems bizarre and ridiculous because the last few government-sponsored conferences I went to, the organizers paid out of their own pockets for things like power-bars from Costco for breakfast because the gov’t under Obama has been so afraid of looking bad spending-wise.  They also complain that they can’t have group meals because they can’t pay for them directly, but they’re also not allowed to collect conference fees to pay for them like they could if it were a private conference.  I wonder if they knew that this 2010 thing was going to blow up.
  • Sometimes we consider commenting on someone else’s blog post and then decide the post is just too crazy.  So we don’t.
  • Kale chips are a big hit with the resident 5 year old.  So yay CSA.
  • Dear School,  I don’t care how adorable those orphaned kittens are.  We do not want any.  Well, we want them, but we are not going to get one.  I sure hope you find homes for them.  Spay and neuter your pets, people!
  • DC has come around to the idea of a new sibling and enjoys talking to hir and patting hir via mommy’s sizable belly.
  • For some reason this pregnancy doesn’t seem to be as emotionally draining as the first one was.  Part of it seems to be that I’m not getting any hypoglycemia.  I’ll get famished starving, but that doesn’t seem to come with the maudlin… I’m basically just hungry, not weepy.
  • Big bang theory started out as Penny was supposed to make them less nerdy… what happened?  They turned Penny into a nerd.  Victory!
  • Partner is watching live action The Tick on Netflix streaming.  I just don’t know what to say.  But man, Arthur sure looks like Arthur.  Except he has too much hair on his head.
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11 Responses to “RBOC”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Victory indeed that Penny is now a nerd too! There is hope for the rest of the world!

  2. rented life Says:

    I was reading an essay last night and the author mentioned how her pregmatic MidWestern mother would have thought worrying about her weight was a waste of time and I immediately thought of you guys :)

  3. Reflections on Seconds | ¿Qué Será? Trusting the moiræ. Says:

    […] RBOC from Grumpy Rumblings today helped me solidify the sense that this pregnancy is better. Psychologically I’m in a […]

  4. Ree Says:

    Kale chips were a big meh for me. Yeah the family ate them, even the vegetable hating 2.5 year old. The small bowl was gone in a couple minutes. But I had to turn on the oven in the heat, dirty two cookie sheets with oil, and wash and dry and chop two heads of kale. Much easier to just put it in a smoothie.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Making them is a good daddy-5 year old bonding activity.

    • Rumpus Says:

      Cooking involves juggling ingredient prep, nutrition, timing, heat application methods, cooking rates, flavors, utensils/cookware, and a melange of spices (he who controls the spice controls the universe). Like juggling balls or clubs there are certain tricks that only another practitioner can truly appreciate. We keep these things in mind because, e.g., the finale of a show needs to be flashy but not necessarily difficult (like meringue when the weather is perfect). But kale chips are still entertaining variety even though the effort to result is high.

  5. Revanche Says:

    So I’m glad to still see you commenting on occasion and wonder about the level of crazy on the others…. :)

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