Google Questions Answered

Q:  do you pay for harvard grad school?

A:  No!   (Exceptions:  law and business.  But we didn’t and don’t.)

Q:  are we harminng our 22 month old child f she does not nap

A:  Absolutely not!  Unless she wants to nap and you’re somehow preventing her from doing so.  Like putting her on a brick in the middle of a pool of water like they do with animal sleep studies.  That would be horrible, so don’t do that.

Q:  does montessori stunt a childs development

A:  Of course not!  A good Montessori will enhance a child’s development.  Bad preschools take all sorts of labels, so spend time observing wherever you end up sending your child.

Q:  is it a sin to not finish eating all your food

A:  Again, of course not.  That’s why we have refrigeration.  Stick it in the fridge and have it later.  Next time take less and get seconds if you’re still hungry.

Q:  why parents want you to better than them?

A:  Because that’s the American dream.  Also they love you.

Q:  do you have to buy a house to go to good school

A:  No.  Good school districts also have rentals.

Q:  do people judge a messy house

A:  We don’t, and we’re the only people who matter.  People who do judge messy houses aren’t worth worrying about because their opinions are irrelevant by definition.  They need to get lives.  (Unless, of course, it is part of their job description to judge house messiness… like maybe a house-stager or something, but hopefully they follow judging with you know, fixing.)

Q:  gifted children sleep poorly?

A:  Sleep less:  there does seem to be a correlation.  Sleep poorly, no more than anybody else.  Unless they’re regularly bullied and tormented for being gifted, which is an occasional hazard.

Q:  do relationships take work?

A:  Depends on your definition of work.

Q:  how can market efficiency evolve without government intervention

A:  It can’t.  At the very least, gov’t needs to enforce property rights.


11 Responses to “Google Questions Answered”

  1. femmefrugality Says:

    We’re looking at renting in nicer districts until we can afford to buy. The prices actually aren’t that different than where we live now.

  2. bogart Says:

    Thanks, pretty much sure if it’s not covered in this list, you don’t need to know it. Very helpful.

  3. Leah Says:

    Love the grad school advice. I sort of paid to go to grad school to get my teaching license, but my TAship did pay for the grad classes. I just paid for the undergrad classes to make up my “deficiencies.” (Science teaching licenses are hard! You have to know a lot of every science. Which is good, but frustrating because it’s not covered in the average science major.)

    I always tell my undergrads that a grad school in academics doesn’t really want you unless they’re willing to pay for you. Maybe the MFA is one other exception, but even then, I imagine they have some assistantships.

  4. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    You have to pay to go to Harvard Medical School, too. Tuition is about $45,000.

    Montessori school sure as f*cken f*cke didn’t stunt *my* development! According to *me*!

  5. BigLittleWolf Says:

    I got a good chuckle out of this post. (Especially having been through a “sleep study” once upon a time, all wired up, but no bricks required…)

    And I love your attitude on messy houses. Sounds about right to me.

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