Growing needs

Tiny babies fuss, (murfle, make expressive faces and wiggles,) and cry to communicate, but the communication gets more difficult as their needs grow.  Here’s what seems to be the ticket for us so far (and the order that we check things in… hungry?  wet?  need burping?)

On Day 1, all DC2 needed was milk from a breast and ze was happy.  Ze would fall asleep with a smile, tiny arms wrapped around a ginormous breast.

Day 3, DC2 discovered that wet diapers are uncomfortable.  If a breast didn’t satisfy, check the diaper.

A few days after that, DC2 discovered gas.  Gas problems could be solved eventually by walking, patting, and eventual burps or poops.

Sometime in the second week, DC2 got a bit more existential and came up with two new needs.  The need to direct hir own locomotion, something ze is mostly physically unable to do, which causes a lot of frustration and forces us to be very careful that ze doesn’t just fling hirself from our arms to the floor, and the need not to be bored.  We think these are related.  Initially lights and ceiling fans kept hir from being bored (the trip from the hospital to the car was *amazing* to hir for that reason), but they seem to have lost their initial luster.  It is darned hard to entertain a bright-eyed often awake newborn who is no longer satisfied with the same sights and cannot yet hold onto a toy.  So we do a lot of walking around.  Thank goodness for big sibling, and thank goodness DC2 seems a bit less traumatized by tummy time than DC1 was.  I guess we’ll be going out a lot once I’m fully functional and the two week don’t take the newborn anywhere moritorium has been lifted.  (Also we have a mobile in the mail as DC1’s mobile broke into component parts sometime in the past 5 years.)

I could turn this into an analogy about life-style inflation, but I don’t think it fits.  I think a better analogy is one of ambition.  Needing more than a serving of warm milk can be frustrating because warm milk is easier to obtain than a lot of things.  But having more needs, especially existential needs, can also be a driver for growth.  Ambition can help us do things we never knew existed when we were satisfied with a full tummy.

But still, we’re not looking forward to when DC2 discovers that tummies can be upset by things other than the need to burp or poo.

What evidence do you see of growth and growing needs in your life?  Are you satisfied with being satisfied?

14 Responses to “Growing needs”

  1. Que Sera Says:

    I feel you, especialy the joys of tummy upset. At six weeks growing itself has taken over and it feels like I’ve once again got a handle on needs and am able to meet them for my little one. I know from experience that the satisfaction won’t last long, but being a mom does make one notice the changes and sometimes appreciate the lulls. Also to wait through the difficult growing pains.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Last night ze finally discovered tummy upset with bigger and longer screamies than ze had ever made in hir short life. Thankfully it was something mylecon was able to take care of like magic (at least we think it was the mylecon).

  2. MomWithaDot Says:

    Congrats on your Lil’ bundle of Joy! It is a wonderful analogy your draw about ambition. I wish I were more ambitious, but somehow, tend to be contended rather easily. So, No – I’m not satisfied with being satisfied. For me, recognizing this fact and working on identifying satisfying goals was the first step. Working towards them followed. Simultaneously, I see that the kids needs are growing. Finding myself and them having free time all too often is a clear evidence of growing needs.

  3. Kellen Says:

    Hmm, I don’t know much about babies, but when my neighbor’s cat is bored, he sits in the window watching the world go by. Too bad you can’t just plonk Baby in a window seat for entertainment – with a bird feeder outside the window if you really want to go with cat-style-entertainment!

  4. bogart Says:

    Sounds like it’s time for those Baby Einstein DVDs.

    Kidding! Kidding!

  5. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    My experience is that the level of my ambition has been relatively constant over time, it’s just the things I am ambitious for that have evolved. For example, in the career arena, my ambition started as a desire for status markers per se, like papers in high profile journals, awards, accolades, etc. Now what I am most ambitious for is to create an environment in my lab where the younger scientists receive outstanding training, enjoy themselves, and go on to rewarding careers of their own. So my ambitions have evolved from the remunerative to the generative, if that makes an sense.

  6. oilandgarlic Says:

    Congrats. I don’t really miss the early months but it is amazing watching the changes/growth of those months.

  7. femmefrugality Says:

    DC made the biggest strides in development when upset. Like little baby upset, not mom and dad are being horrible parents upset. But we noticed this, too, and wondered at how even the worst-feeling emotions could help them grow. And a lot of the time, grow more quickly.

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