Update on personal sagas: DH’s relatives, DC’s school

DH’s Relatives

It turns out that if you are truly poor and have a zillion brothers and sisters (give or take), the Pell grant covers 100% of community college, including books.  So… so far we’re not paying for any of the relatives’ schooling.  Although they screwed up with the books and forgot to order them, despite multiple calls to the people.   Because the books are being bought via the grant, the school orders them for the students instead of the student being reimbursed… and they never actually checked to see that they were ordered when DH’s relative called, so the eldest daughter doesn’t have them.  She is borrowing from a friend until they come in.

She got a nursing home job (yay!) and spent the summer working and saved up to buy a clunker.  She will be working p/t to pay for her gas.

Already she says she likes community college classes a lot more than high school classes.  I hope she does well.  Right now she wants to transfer to a 4 year school (to major in architecture, but I’m hoping she’ll change her mind as there are very few job opportunities for architecture majors and it’s really hard to get into the architecture programs at the state 4-year schools).

DC1’s School

Right now they have 1 student fewer than what they need with normal fundraising and minimal services (down 20 students from last year).  The hope is to make up for it with extra fundraising.

The new head of school is professional and refreshingly not crazy.

Even better than that, the ineffective board president has been replaced by an extremely competent woman who is new to the board.  She’s getting things done.  She communicates professionally.  She’s a pleasure to deal with.  This was a new and unexpected pleasure.  We foresee a positive trajectory for the school if these two women remain in charge of things.

There are 10 kids in DC1’s 2nd grade class, down from the 15 that were in the first grade class (including DC and hir best friend who were technically in K, but spent half the day in first).  10 is still a good number for a private school class and doesn’t require an additional aide, although DC says they have a student teacher helping out.  The syllabus for the year that was sent home is intriguing.  They’ll be starting junior great books and doing book reports and science reports and all sorts of exciting and fun stuff.

DC’s formal dress shirt for formal days still hasn’t come, so DH picked up a too-big used one that will do for hir while we wait.

So that’s our excitement.  I sure hope it is a good year!

And one more

Remember my cousin who didn’t have the Catholic wedding?  They’re expecting twins.  :)

4 Responses to “Update on personal sagas: DH’s relatives, DC’s school”

  1. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Nice break with the DH’s relatives. Did you have their money in a 529? If so what happens if they don’t use it because of the Pell grants?
    I’m honestly shocked at the idea of a private school with low attendance. That’s so odd to me. All the private schools here are packed to the gills!

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Some money is in a 529– I think about 1.5K. I assume the oldest will use hers when she transfers to a 4-year if everything works out. Otherwise there are 4 more kids in the family to pass it down to (and the mom could someday get her GED, in theory). Eventually one kid may need it for a 4 year school. The second daughter has higher grades than the oldest.

  2. Cloud Says:

    I’m glad things are working out!

  3. BigLittleWolf Says:

    Financing schooling for kids is a headache. No. Make that a migraine. A series of migraines. I got lucky (and also, the result of my kids constant hard work); they have a significant amount of scholarship. But that keeps pressure high for them every year, and my FAFSA/CSS/accounting burden (and cost) is pretty gnarly, every year. Between the two kids (a 4-year program for one, and 5-year for the other), it will be 7 years for yours truly of “gnarly.” Then it’s entirely up to them. I’ll be 4’3″ tall, and looking for a small (tra la) campground in a warm locale in which to pitch my tent and store my shoes…

    Sounds like you guys are managing. Excellent. It isn’t easy.

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