Google questions that keep you up at night

Q:  why don’t college teachers check their email in summer

A:  Because we do not get paid to.

Also, because your grade is final and no amount of whining from you will change that.  Unless a mistake has actually been made, but that’s not your argument.  Your argument is that you worked “real hard” even though the grade book shows otherwise.  You gotsta turn in assignments to get credit for them and you can’t get extra credit after the fact.  In other words, college teachers do check their email in the summer but chose not to reply to yours because there was no reason to.

Q:  my kid has mandarin enrichment, math enrichment, gymnastic, piano lessons and swimming lessons and she is d till asking for dancing and skating, is it too much for a 6 year old

A:  Probably not– 6 year olds are pretty flexible, especially if ze is asking for more.  HOWEVER, it sounds like too much for any sane parent, unless you’ve got a chauffeur who isn’t you.  And no, you don’t need to find an excuse that it’s not in the kid’s best interest in order to say no.  You can say, “Mommy and daddy aren’t martyrs and we already take you to 5 extracurricular activities and we don’t want to do any more driving.”  That way when (if) your 6 year old is a parent, she doesn’t feel like she has to sacrifice everything for her kids either.

Q:  who is an ideal student?

A:  We were.

Q:  should i buy a house in december

A:  why not?  There’s less supply and less demand in the winter compared to the summer, so you may be able to get a bargain or you may have to keep looking until Spring when people start putting homes on the market.  Also, some areas have more seasonal housing markets than others (college towns will have very limited supply in December, but also very desperate sellers).

Q:  is a second job at minimum wage worth it

A:  Not to us, but it might be to you.

Q:  do 2 year olds know how to manipulate their parents?

A:  Depends on the kid.  Generally we like to assume that kids want to do what is right, and when we do that, they tend to believe it too.

Q: what is level 3 monitoring in the emergency room visit

A:  Extremely expensive.

Q:  how tosay i can be shy at first then warm up

A:  with a t-shirt.

Q:  is it silly to have a full length blind on a half window

A:  A little bit, but we don’t judge you for it.

Q:  being grumpy pros and cons?

A:  Only pros.  (We lost our amateur status.)  [Not actually true– we’re not getting paid for our grumpiness.  We can still compete in the grumpy olympics, and not just in the off-season.]

10 Responses to “Google questions that keep you up at night”

  1. First Gen American Says:

    The one potential downside of house hunting in winter is not knowing what the yard is like because it’s frozen and/or covered in snow. We have a lot of wetlands in our region and some yards are virtually unusable because they are very marshy. You can’t always tell that in the winter. I particularly like driving around neighborhoods in the spring so you can see which roads get washed out and flooded.

  2. becca Says:

    “do 2 year olds know how to manipulate their parents?”
    Of course.But they don’t know how not to, so you shouldn’t hold it against them.

  3. Cloud Says:

    We have a rule- 3 “extra” activities per kid, starting no sooner than age 3. Yes, our 5 year old would like more. No, we aren’t going to make ourselves crazy doing that!

  4. MutantSupermodel Says:

    My daughter, also six, is in love with extra curriculars. She wants to do ballet, gymnastics, jazz, karate, football, and anything else her friends are in.

  5. femmefrugality Says:

    These are actually great legit questions this week! The silly ones make me laugh always, but I love good questions, too. And, as always, great answers.

  6. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    my kid has mandarin enrichment, math enrichment, gymnastic, piano lessons and swimming lessons and she is d till asking for dancing and skating, is it too much for a 6 year old

    When I was six, my extracurricular activity was playing in the street. And look at me now!

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