We love ice cream


Also gelato.

#1’s favorite is anything chocolate with nuts.  Though she loves many many other kinds of ice cream.

#2’s favorite is coffee ice cream, with kahlua and chocolate syrup on top.

#1 notes also that she loves real whipped cream.  And chocolate syrup.  Ooh, and she’s been jonesing for a turtle sundae since she left the midwest… at some point she’s just going to have to roast and salt her own pecans.  (Update:  partner is a dream boat and I am the luckiest woman in the world.  Happy satisfied #1.  Sticky syrupy kitchen…)

Do you like ice cream?  What’s your favorite kind?

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47 Responses to “We love ice cream”

  1. eemusings Says:

    All of it. Particularly partial to neapolitan, hokey pokey,french vanilla, and anything with a berry swirl.

  2. Belle Says:

    Mint choc chip, rocky road, cherry Garcia… fruit gelatos and this summer I started making frozen yogurt and found that adding amaretto was wonnnnnderful.

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Do you like ice cream?



    What’s your favorite kind?

    ALL OF THEM!!11!!1111LELEBNENTY1`1111!!!!

    But especially those with salted caramel and nuts. And I love italian spumoni and tortoni and tartufo. And also dulce de leche!

    • Debbie M Says:

      Yes, the best kind is the kind that is still frozen.

      • bogart Says:

        Ooh, this brings back painful memories of two (2!) pints of Ben & Jerry’s forgotten left on their side in a car overnight. The good news: the gaskets on Ben & Jerry’s pints rock, at least they did ~10 years ago. The bad: you can’t refreeze the stuff and get the same experience as pre-thaw.

  4. Perpetua Says:

    I prefer gelato to ice cream because of the intensity of the flavors. In Italy, you can get all kinds of amazing nut flavors – almond, walnut, pistachio. I love walnut; it’s extraordinary. I don’t buy ice cream for home, but we do spend a lot of time in the frozen yogurt places that have exploded all over my town – the kind where you get it yourself and add your own toppings, and they decide by weight. I like that system, because I always want a small amount and I don’t want to pay a fortune for it. But in terms of flavor, gelato all the way. Or Jenni’s, if I’m in Columbus.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      There’s this amazing new gelato place in the city (some drive from our small town). My first taste, there were angel choirs singing. Not just one angel, mind you, but an entire choir going “Ahhhhhhhh.” I believe there may also have been a ray of light, but I was paying too much attention to the flavor to notice.

      All the tart frozen yogurt places in town have gone no-fat. Blech.

      • Perpetua Says:

        Yes, ours our mostly no fat too. I don’t think it’s a fantastic flavor experience; I wouldn’t chose it for a treat for myself – it’s mostly a good place to take the kiddos. They can choose their toppings, and they always feel like they’ve gotten a treat, even though I’m controlling pretty tightly the quantities. (My biggest complaint in taking my kids to get ice cream is the impossibility of getting a reasonable size for preschoolers, even when I ask them to give me half the amount they normally do for a “small”.)

  5. First Gen American Says:

    There is a local creamery near me that makes ice cream with bits of real ginger in it. It’s so amazing. Delicious but not over the top. It’s even my 7 year olds favorite. Pumpkin seasonal ice cream is a close second.

  6. Debbie M Says:

    For some reason when I saw your title today, I finished it in my head with “a Deliberately Controversial Post. Not.”

    Although actually I am so freezing cold in my office that I really don’t want any ice cream right now. Unless it is on a warm brownie.

    My favorites are chocolate flavors and nut flavors (like hazelnut or peanut butter). My least favorites are still good except for Guinness ice cream. Yes also to the gelato. Yes to the ice cream bars (like salad bars only with ice cream toppings), the ice cream “mix-ins,” and the new frozen yogurt places. Yes to things being served a la mode. And yes to the “sputnik,” French toast with a surprise inside served at my college dining hall, and the surprise turned out to be ice cream. Oh, oh, and speaking of ice cream bars, “Magnum” bars in the freezer section, which my sister fed me when she was in Belgium, but are now available here.

    I once had a roommate who thought ice cream was a staple and I decided that yes, ice cream is a staple for me, too. At home, I generally have vanilla because it is the most versatile. I generally have it with chocolate syrup (homemade: bring equal parts cocoa, sugar, and water to a boil) and chopped peanuts but also in shakes, smoothies, floats, and chocolate sodas. Sometimes I have to get the Poteet strawberry flavor–just strawberries mixed with vanilla, but strangely addictive. And sometimes cookies and cream or a dark chocolaty one. And when I used to have roommates who liked ice cream but hated nuts, I would often get flavors with nuts in them (though I prefer them to be ground up), because the ice cream would last longer (though not as long as ice cream lasts now that I have a roommate who doesn’t like ice cream at all).

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I suppose we could make an ice cream vs. gelato statement or something and that would be deliberately controversial. But when it comes to frozen desserts, we are lovers, not haters.

      Ice cream is a staple for me these days.

  7. chacha1 Says:

    Of course I love ice cream (and gelato). Growing up in the south, my fave flave was “heavenly hash,” which was chocolate with chocolate chips, nuts, and a marshmallow swirl. These days I try to keep it relatively clean with haagen-dazs 5 flavors. LOVE LEMON. Also, though, their regular dark-chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, dulce de leche, and many others. Local gelato shop makes, among other things, like Nutella and chestnut, a fantastic sour cherry … and a cabernet sorbet.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I have gone through an amazing number of demi-pints (almost-pints?) of the 5 flavor lemon in the past couple of months.

      Man I wish we had a local ice cream shop. We used to have a local Ben and Jerry’s but not even that is in business any more.

  8. Mom2boy Says:

    My grandfather loved to make homemade ice cream durings the summers at the beach. His two specialties were snickers and peach.

  9. Holly@ClubThrifty Says:


  10. Linda Says:

    I must be an anomaly because I never really went crazy for ice cream, even as a kid. My family used to tease me because when we went to the ice cream shop I would always order sherbet.

    Fast forward many years and I find that I can’t drink milk without a lot of un-happy consequences, so ice cream was definitely not something I wanted to eat. And about five or six years ago I found through food sensitivity tests that any kind of cow dairy — milk, cheese, etc — was something I was off the charts sensitive to. I’ve tried goat milk ice cream and it’s OK, but all the best stuff going on these days around ice cream is done with cow milk.

    After being off cow dairy for the past few years I’ve found that I can eat a bit of cow cream and so forth every once in a while. So I indulged in a split-scoop at Salt & Straw when I was in Portland last month. http://saltandstraw.com/

    Oh my, that was AWESOME ICE CREAM!!!! I couldn’t decide if my favorite was the vanilla with a salted caramel ribbon or the Oregon’s Finest which had cheese (not sure what kind) and whiskey in a chocolate ice cream base. They were both sooooo good!

    With braces on my teeth now, soft, cold things like ice cream and gelato are easy to get down. I’ve actually bought a couple pints of gelato in the past few months and eaten them completely myself. I still can’t say that I think ice cream is the best thing ever, though.

  11. gwinne Says:

    Well, you know I love ice cream. Coffee is a favorite and, locally, the strawberry made at the university ice cream place. Best thing EVER. Also will happily consume most variations of chocolate. Don’t like peanut butter in ice cream but virtually everything else…

    And when I can’t take the dairy, coconut milk based chocolate is awesome stuff as a substitute.

  12. Leigh Says:

    Anything with chocolate in it pretty much!

    My boyfriend and I have tried about 5 different brands of cookies and cream that our local grocery stores sell and finally settled on the best. It just has the most delicious vanilla ice cream and a good hint of chocolate cookie pieces. I’m surprised I like it so much because normally I can’t stand vanilla ice cream!

  13. rented life Says:

    homemade choclate ice cream is my favorite. The story of how dad got the recipe is funny. Now my brother makes it or I make it. My brother takes things to the next level though–he’s made a mint chip that was very good, and a vanilla that was great. He’s promised to figure out a black raspberry for me, but I’m still waiting.

    But if it’s from the store, I like mint chip best, certain brands of vanilla, sometimes pb & chocolate, and coffee. But I eat ice cream at night, so coffee isn’t always ideal.

  14. Leah Says:

    My recent favorite is salted caramel ice cream. Mmmm. I also love sweet cream (from coldstone) as a base for pretty much anything. And I adore gelato.

    If you’re ever in Portland, Oregon, hit up Salt & Straw. I went there this summer and was in heaven. And Portland also has amazing gelato places. Wish I still lived there.

  15. becca Says:

    I love me some ice cream.
    After reading this post, I had to get some from the uni creamery. Just vanilla, but I came home and put my spice (mostly cinnamon) mix on it. I really enjoy cinnamon on ice cream. And ice cream in coffee. And coffee ice cream. And heath bar ice cream. And heath bar coffee ice cream with cinnamon and caramel and whipped cream and pecans and a cherry. And chocolate ice cream and relatives (I like gelato but for chocolate especially I enjoy sorbet. So. CHOCOLATEY. Best lowfat iced option out there is chocolate sorbet from hagen dazs). mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  16. Grace Says:

    Of course I’m far more sophisticated now, but does anybody else remember Dairy Queen’s “Jack & Jill” sundae’s–with chocolate sauce on one side and marshmellow sauce on the other? I haven’t had one in years, but you’re making me hungry. My super-trendy-foodie city is really into weird ice-cream (I mean, Pear-Blue Cheese or Strawberry-Habanero–really?) I’m still a sucker for Rocky Road with Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      I stopped eating DQ with my first pregnancy (you don’t want to know), but I used to love their thin mint shakes. And Jack in the Box had mint oreo shakes. Super nummy.

      I bet those weird ice creams are pretty good. One of the amazing gelatos we tried the other week had curry in it.

  17. MutantSupermodel Says:

    Ice Cream is awesome and it’s all popular now. I love chocolate with anything in it– peanut butter, pretzels, almonds, cookies, brownies, whatever. The hotel we have the conference at has an AMAZING gelato place. I am SO excited about having their gelato again.

  18. SP Says:

    I never crave ice cream and rarely buy it. That said, whenever I do eat it, it is always delicious! I tend to go for chocolatey flavors, or cookie dough, or butter pecan…

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