If you googled us a question

Q:  in pregnancy wheat allergy go away after pregnancy?

A:  It seems like it, but I’m still having a really difficult time deliberately eating wheat because of the revulsion factor.  So I haven’t ingested enough to see if the baby is truly ok with it or not.

Q:  how would you handle a crying baby child care interview answers

A:  PICK THE BABY UP.  Try to find out what is wrong.  Check baby’s diaper.  Check for hunger.  Burp.  Bounce.  Sing.  See if baby is bored.  If crying is inconsolable, ask if parents want to be contacted.

Q:  interpretation for ngo field staff inside a parachute and management holding the parachute

A:  Not a question, but this sounds really unpleasant.

Q:  things kids don’t like to do

A:  clean their rooms. pointless  homework.

Q:  how much should i pay a graduate?

A:  of where?  for what?  If it’s me you’re talking about, you should pay me more.

Q:  where do sleepy student carry their book?

A:  You don’t want to know.  (Sadly, to class all too often… sleepy students need more sleep and more coffee.)

Q:  how to sell a house in a bad school district?

A:  Price it well.  Declutter, pre-pack, clean, and stage carefully.

Q:  can i change the name of the owner of a house before paying off mortgage

A:  Yes, in some states at least.  Talk to a lawyer about it.

Q:  can someone go to college and have a car under a minimum wage job

A:  Yes, if they have scholarships and/or debt (or, of course, someone else paying the bills).

Q:  what we should do when we don’t want to do something we are pushed to do

A:  cry.

6 Responses to “If you googled us a question”

  1. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Cry? I thought the answer was GRUMPILY RUMBLE!

  2. Rumpus Says:

    Hiring someone is a process in which you try to get a good number of hopefully relevant applications, and then go through several stages of whittling down the pool of applicants, where each subsequent pass takes more effort/time. By the time you get to the face-to-face interview, there should be only a handful of applicants left…and you are spending enough time on each one to get to see just how crazy some people are.

    Interview A: “So why do you want this job?” “I want money.” “What do you think is the worst part of caring for a baby?” “When they cry.” “…Let me show you the door.”
    Interview B: “How do you feel about holding the infant?” “Babies have to learn to be self sufficient without being held all the time. So you should let them scream.” “You aren’t touching my baby.”
    Interview C: (Interviewee shows up 10 minutes late.) “Cough cough cough cough! I can’t breathe!” “Do you like my perfume?” “Someone open a window! Cough cough!”

    Q&A that whittled applicants out before the interview stage:
    a) Do you have childcare experience? “Nope, but I have two dogs!”
    b) The ad said we’re looking for people that can work on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays. When are you free? “I know, I know, but I can work all Saturday, is that good enough?”

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