What are we reading?

Finished Damned Busters.

It was good and I look forward to the next two books, though I identify more with Henghis Hapthorn!

Black Sheep (sweet) [#1 reread this recently!  <3 Heyer!]

Three Men in a Boat (quite funny!) [free on kindle!]

Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions, by James W. Pennebaker — informative.

I really liked this one:

This one was powerful and recommended:

I love them:

Latest one I read in this series and it’s starting to get seriously weird as well as tying lots of insanely complex plot lines together across multiple books (#1 sent the author fan mail right before her death.. very sad):

Fair readers, got any good suggestions for more stuff? I’m far too lazy to read the new Hillary Mantel book because it will probably make me think. Other ideas?

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5 Responses to “What are we reading?”

  1. Linda Says:

    Did you read the India Black books? I enjoyed the first two and just pre-ordered the eBook version of the third, which is due out in December. (I rarely pre-order anything, but at $2.99 it seemed like a steal to me!)

    I loved the early Company books from Kage Baker, but I couldn’t get into the last two in the series, including The Machine’s Child. I’m nonetheless sad that she is gone and unable to entertain us with her excellent writing. :-(

  2. Sarah Says:

    Do you like the Maisie Dobbs mystery series? I have favorites in common with you, so you migh like it. It feels like a historical fiction with a mystery thrown in.

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    I highly recommend the book “Alive”, by Piers Paul Read. It is about these soccer dudes who get stranded in a plane crash and eat each other’s dead bodies to survive. IT’S A PAGE TURNER! I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. darchole Says:

    CPP are you a closet cannibal? Do you work at a med school and get your fix there?

    I haven’t read God Save the Queen, but it’s on my TBR pile. I just ordered Daughter of the Sword by Steve Bein. http://www.amazon.com/Daughter-Sword-Novel-Fated-Blades/dp/045146477X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1351722448&sr=8-1&keywords=daughter+of+the+sword

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