Nicole and Maggie gossip about bloggers

#1: when she whines, I feel Schadenfreude
#2: and her husband is just as bad
it’s not like Mutant Supermodel
where she’s doing her best and life keeps kicking her
but she’s going to do just fine one of these days
#1: right
#2: mutant super model has 3 kids, lives in a more expensive area, and does not make 6 figures… but she makes good choices and isn’t all entitled
#1: I like to read The Little Professor. She amuses me.
#2: me too
the little professor doesn’t seem to have any issues
#1: nope
stable, professional, amusing, is Little Prof’s blogpersona
#2: I have to say my current voyeur blog reading is coming from one bright star.
She seems to be making reasonably good choices… or at least averting disaster. I’m glad she dumped the biochemist. I want to tell her of course it seemed like they clicked– you don’t get to have that many marriages and affairs unless you can click with women! But I kind of swore off doing anything but watching other people’s romances many moons ago.
So far I’m rooting for CPA, but military guy intrigues me
#1: heheheheheh
#2: (I think it’s CPA, the one without any red flags)
#1: it’s like reality TV without looking at ugly people
#2: haha yes
like the early real world episodes, before they realized crazy sold
In any case, I’m totally hooked. Even if 1B* is actually a happily married 65 year old gentleman retired ice fisher playing a hoax on the internet community. It’s making for a good story and I want to know how it ends.

Grumpy rumblings wants to know if you have any good gossip about bloggers to share.  We’ll be very discreet… (or at least as discreet as posting on a public forum can be).  Where are you getting your vvoyeuristic kicks?  Please nothing too slanderous or libelous.  Unless it’s about CPP.

25 Responses to “Nicole and Maggie gossip about bloggers”

  1. femmefrugality Says:

    Haha your gossip is generally a lot kinder than the stuff I’m used to! It’s so funny….it really can be like reality TV sometimes. I don’t have anything juicy, sadly.

    • nicoleandmaggie Says:

      Oh man, when I was on mommy forums, that stuff was the *worst*. And they’d have invite-only subsidiary forums just so they could gossip about people on the main forum. I mean, really? This is what you do with your free time?

      But… it is entertaining. Who among us can keep our eyes off of reality television when it is already on and we can’t turn it off?

      • Linda Says:

        Ummm…I can turn away from “reality tv” really easily. Not that I’m trying to sound morally superior here or anything, but I hate seeing people incented to act like jackasses. Easy enough to ignore it if I’m visiting somewhere and it’s on, and easy enough to not turn it on at home. I read, noodle on the Internet, or watch Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime if there is nothing but junk on the over-air TV.

      • nicoleandmaggie Says:

        You have greater self control than we do! We’re good at finding other stuff to do, but bad a turning away if already there. Even if we feel dirty after…the bad kind of dirty.

  2. Linda Says:

    I can’t think of any blogging gossip, but I do have opinions about certain blogs. And some of them are followers of this blog, too, and since I’m not so good at being discreet today I won’t gossip here about them.

    I got a huge kick out of following the discussion that ensued on my friend’s One Hundred Meals blog after she wrote about a visit to Monsanto and how misguided Prop 37 in CA was. Comments are at 167 and counting!

  3. MutantSupermodel Says:

    This is the best gossip column I’ve ever read. Nice format. Thank you for your nice gossip :D I’m going to check out these other two you mentioned. I’ve missed you guys!

  4. Spanish Prof Says:

    I won’t gossip, but I will confess I am addicted to Get Off My Internets. Better than reality TV

  5. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    I’ve heard that Comradde PhysioProffe is extraordinarily handsome and charismatic.

  6. nicoleandmaggie Says:

    Also: Scalzi is killing it this week. Fantastic post-election analysis.

  7. B* Says:

    I know, right?! I haven’t told you all that the C.P.A. with no red flags called me Monday night and I can’t bring myself to call him back yet… The military guy (who is so cute… CUTE!) was in town last weekend exactly when I was out of town, and I haven’t emailed him back. I’m not a 65 year old man, BTW, and I would bring the cuteness to reality t.v. if we could make a series about academia. I’m in, if such a series is a possibility. (Remember when some network tried to do a reality show about airline flight attendants? The one about academics would be more interesting.)

  8. B* Says:

    Oh! I am on the phone with the C.P.A. right now! And I’m neither retired nor an ice fisher…

  9. B* Says:

    HA! That would be awesome. I am less cool than CPP.

  10. Dr. Virago Says:

    I don’t have any gossip, alas, though once upon a time I figured out who Bitch Ph.D. was, long before she came out, and was really proud of myself for my cleverness. But now she doesn’t even blog there any more, and she outed herself, so my knowledge is of no consequence. Sigh.

    I don’t want to name names, but I don’t like blogs that consist mostly of content from elsewhere (and that goes double for ones that don’t even give credit for the content being someone else’s creation). The one I have in mind includes the bylines, too, and they say where it’s from, so it’s not technically theft and plagiarism, but it’s lazy blogging. Write your own content, lazy bloggers! It’s one thing to do a weekly or otherwise regular link-love post — like you guys do! — but another thing for most of your posts to be nothing but cut-and-paste jobs and links.

    IMHO, if you’re going to be a lazy blogger and not post original content, just don’t post anything all. Or just call your “blog” an aggregator, because it sure as hell ain’t a web-*log* any more. Or else post rarely and then pop up and announce that you’re “slow-blogging,” like I did! Te-hee!

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