Because Google doesn’t always know the answer

Q:  should i marry my best friend if she is not attractive

A:  Not conventionally attractive is irrelevant.  Not attractive to you– definitely not.

Q:  what’s academic life like after tenure

A:  Busy!

Q:  does part time in a job get less taxes taken out

A:  Yes and no.  Taxes get taken out based on the money you’re making.  If you’re making less money, then you get less tax from a flat dollar amount.  In terms of percentages, the amount you get taken out varies based on complicated rules– you get more taken out as your marginal rate goes up but you also get less taken out (as a percentage) as you start reaching income ceilings for various taxes.

Q:  where was video games made

A:  All over the place.  Including San Diego.

Q:  putting washed dishes in sink unhealthy?

A:  Sinks are pretty disgusting, but if you’re not immunocompromised you’ll probably be ok.

Q:  howbdo u spell the word when u poo andvpee at the same time

A:  Though not technically correct (as liquidy poo is not technically pee), we would like to quote the following:  “When you’re diving into first, and you feel you’re gonna burst:  diarrhea.”

Q: is it normal to feel like you dont want another child when you already have one?

A:  Yes.  Or even if you don’t have one!  It is also normal to feel like you do.

Q:  how to pay off debt with two jobs

A:  Spend less than you earn.  Apply extra money to debt.

Q:  when do professors vacation for summer

A:  If they are French, then in August.  Otherwise it varies, and some don’t vacation at all.

Q:  why single moms pretend things are perfect

A:  They don’t.

3 Responses to “Because Google doesn’t always know the answer”

  1. bogart Says:

    Thanks! Now I can start my weekend (soon…) informed and confident. Phew!

  2. hush Says:

    “A: Spend less than you earn. Apply extra money to debt.”

    Yep, it really is that simple.

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