Digest these Google questions and answers

Q:  why do people tell others how to spend their money

A:  if you would shut up about how broke you are all the time, they would probably stop

Q:  is it possible to pay the student loan amount in 2 years vene teh tenure is 5 years

A:  Yes, if you have enough money.

Q:  if you quit your job are you able to get the companys portion of the pension funds if you are grandfathered in

A:  If you are vested.

Q:  boys things they should do by 8

A:  Same as girls with one exception:  pee standing up.

Q:  do you make your kids go on family excursions if they dont want to do

A:  Yes.  We’re not paying for a baby sitter.

Q:  how to motivate gifted perfectionist child to swim

A:  Well, swimming is one of those life skills, so our gifted perfectionist child did not have a choice.  However, we did explain a LOT about the growth mindset and practice and how it’s important to learn to be able to do things you can’t do.  Swimming was really great because it’s one of those things where persistence and practice do pay off… DC1 couldn’t swim at all, then DC1 could swim, then DC1 could swim better.  So, in short:  You have to learn to swim because it is dangerous not to be able to.  Nobody starts out knowing how to swim and it’s going to take a long time to learn.  You have to practice or you will never be able to swim.  You have to practice putting your head in the water.  Let’s practice together so next time you’ll be able to do it for the teacher.  Let’s let someone else teach you as well.

Q:  does anybody sell energy efficient drapes less than 84 inches

A:  Yes.  There are a ton of places you can get custom made drapes, but they may cost more.

Q:  how to trick yourself into thinking youre not sick

A:  Drugs.

Q:  what do faculty at community colleges do during the summer

A:  Depends on the faculty.  Some teach summer courses.  Some do not get paid.

Q:  can people learn something they don’t like

A:  Yes.

3 Responses to “Digest these Google questions and answers”

  1. femmefrugality Says:

    LOVE the first one. I have a friend like this….always complaining about how poor they are. But then she turns around and gives everyone else financial advice. Like if I choose to get my kids new shoes rather than the ones on ebay that have already been used then I’m a frivolous mother and I’m spoiling my children. I’m having a hard time holding my tongue, anymore.

  2. Leah Says:

    It’s possible to pay the student loan at any time :-) Still so happy you guys gave me the motivation to pay mine off. I’m paying back the e-fund at a good clip.

    Re: #1, yes. I once told one of my friends that she should pay her credit card bill off in full every single month, and she looked at me like I was an alien. “you mean, not everyone carries a balance?” No, no they don’t. It slays me because she likes to buy little things for me, and I know she doesn’t have the money. The worst is that she bought us a super nice wedding present :-( We bought her a nice one too, but we went in on it with another couple. In any case, yeah, the money thing. Wish more folks would care about managing their money well.

    I like the idea about teaching the perfectionist child to swim. I tried to teach my nephew this summer (5.5 at the time), and he got frustrated because he couldn’t do stuff immediately. I’m hoping his mom and dad can afford a class this summer, because he needs someone who can break the steps down better.

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