A somewhat late link love


Hm, seems like feminism is in the air this week.  (And Scalzi, you are allowed to be called a feminist on our blog.)

From Cupid is Burning, a woman-human translator that anyone can use.

Geeky Mom reminds us that pronouns do matter.

Glacial Distance explains what telling women (but not men) they’d make great teachers really means.

A couple of The Onion posts.  War on string.  Oh man, the hilarity.

Personal Finance drama we missed.  (Not the part about qunioa or chili powder– scroll down.)

#2 notes that they’re doing a search for an outside chair for her [specific social science] department but don’t have anyone qualified applying.  So far even this totally unqualified MD is looking like one of the better candidates.  #1 and #2 ponder which restriction should be relaxed.

#2: in our ongoing external search for a new chair, we are @$#!ed. We don’t have enough applicants and none of them are any good. We’re boned.
#1 you’d think there’d be someone wanting to move to [middle of nowhere] for a department that needs an external chair  oh wait
#2: yes, someone whose mortgage is not underwater, who doesn’t mind pulling their kids out of school, whose spouse can also live with [middle of nowhere] on less than the market rate. OH WAIT.  someone with at least a little administrative experience, who is actually a [specific social scientist]….
#1:  Sounds like one of those pick 2 out of 3 situations.  maybe you can relax the admin experience (since you can’t move the university and pay more)
#2:  oh, we’re gonna
no doubt about it
we’re gonna hire someone who’s never been in charge of anything, or else we’re gonna hire no one at all
we have an MD interested….
#1: if you opened it up to English PhDs I bet you could get someone excellent
or History… I’m just sayin’, don’t settle for the MD
not sure what class an English prof could teach, maybe [that class you hate teaching] :)
#2: the problem with history and english is that they’re not scientists. We’re looking for someone who can mentor junior faculty about SCIENCE. (hahahahahahaha)
#1: I bet you could get a good [other kind of social scientist]
the market for them is worse than the market for [#2’s social science]
#2: [redacted slur on that type of social science]
#1:  [suggestion for other kind of social scientist]
#2: [suggestion]’s a possibility
#1:   You could get a linguist.  I hear someone has to die to open up a job for a linguist.
#2: that would be cool
#1: We should post on the blog:
Do you know any linguists who would like to chair a social science department that isn’t linguistics?

Finally, if you’re a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie fan, here’s a hilarious Carol Burnett clip.  Especially check out Roddy McDowell(?) as Edward Everett Horton.

8 Responses to “A somewhat late link love”

  1. Rumpus Says:

    Oh man, you’re looking way afield, and that has such a high probability of not-good results. Maybe it’s time to look into alternate forms of government…I hear tyrannical oligarchies are popular with the full-tenured…or maybe you should look for religious guidance and set up a theocracy.

    Just think further outside the box (er, boxx or balks or Bachs as Barenaked Ladies say http://youtu.be/_dvPhtNZCj0 at 3:17). Have you tried using an android? Maybe you could take one of those R2-D2 or Dalek ( http://daleks.cryosphere.co.uk/rc-daleks/radio-control-interactive-dalek ) robots and put a natural language processor on it like http://www.chayden.net/eliza/Eliza.html Heh, now I’m envisioning a Dalek talking like ELIZA. Dalek: “What is your problem?” me: “I like dogs.” Dalek: “So you say you like dogs?” me: “Yes, I like them too much.” Dalek: “EX-TERMINATE!” …Just don’t ask it to call you Doctor.

  2. The frugal ecologist Says:

    I feel ya, we are on a nationwide search for a chair now. Qualified applicants are not rolling in. We have 2 internal folks that would be great, but aren’t interested. Who likes admin anyway?

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    I generally like various whole grains, but quinoa is f*cken nasty. And curses to you for linking to the Onion: I just wasted twenty minutes clicking around there and laughing my asse offe.

  4. Miranda Says:

    Thanks for the traffic! I found your guys’ blog last night and it was love at first sight. You guys rock!

  5. darchole Says:

    I’d take someone totally unqualified rather than the spineless person who’s head of my department. And I’m not even faculty.

  6. Debbie M Says:

    I was gonna say that some historians do research using methods that are similar enough to social science that they could probably be trained. But then you brought up linguists, which is even better.

  7. Revanche Says:

    Thanks for the link!

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